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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m interested in using multisite for a new client, but haven’t used it before. Basically we need three sites like this:

    The content across all three will be slightly different (languages, terminology, spelling, etc), but my primary concern is figuring out how to do this so maintenance is easiest. I’d like to use multisite but I have no idea if it’s possible to use it across both domains AND servers.

    I’ve been to Create A Network but that doesn’t seem to quite answer my question, so I would greatly appreciate any help/tips/advice!


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    Not across servers, no 🙁 Whole point of Multisite is one DB and one server.

    Darn. The idea was to try to build ourselves one environment for easier maintenance since we custom-build and constantly update our own themes. As you can imagine, having three identical sites on three separate servers means that every update needs to be done three times.

    Three installations would have to be the way to go I guess? Or has someone experienced this same scenario and come up with a better solution?

    You might want to investigate central management solutions…

    InfiniteWP and manageWP are 2 that come to mind, but I know more are out there. You can manage any number of sites remotely – each service has various benefits…. some allow cross site posting or comment moderation, site cloning, theme install, etc.

    But yeah, if you are workingon 3 servers, yer going to have to have 3 installs.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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