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  • So, last year I had bought a domain name through and used one of their free blogs. Now I found a cool them from I wanted to use that theme so I went and got BlueHosting for a webhost. I still own the domain name.

    My confusion is adding the custom theme. I cannot even find the dashboard that people often show to install a theme. I can get to the dashboard (not where I need to be) but I cannot find one for

    I have uploaded the download file to my host server. I can see the content folder and I can add the theme to it. I’m just so lost what to do from there.

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    have you contacted BlueHosting and explained what you want to do?

    You can refer to this video for WordPress instalation on Bluehost
    For your domain, change name servers to and
    once you have installed properly…
    go to and Themes > install new and install theme from Elegant theme…if you still having problem..
    Comment with your domain name and I can look into it

    I appreciate your help on this. I watched the video and followed his steps. The problem is that when he logs in at the end, it looks like he goes to a dashboard. When I log in I go to a dashboard.

    I was using .com before but now i wish to use .org. If I use my .com I cannot upload or install the new theme.

    my domain name is

    Did you change name servers at where you bought the domain name to point to bluehost as it still shows that domain name is pointing to
    Nameservers :

    I don’t believe I have. Could you tell me how to do that?

    You need to log in in your account and there should way to change name servers there you can ask support at

    May this will help


    Thanks so much. I really appreciate the help you are giving me.

    I made it to the point where I change the name servers. They are listed as NS1.WORDPRESS.COM and NS2.WORDPRESS.COM. As you mentioned.

    What do I want to change these to? Bluehosts numbers?

    @kyledempster7 To get the correct nameservers you may need to contact bluehost. I think the defaults are but they may have different nameservers for different accounts so it would be best to contact them to find out for certain what the nameservers should point to.


    I looked in my account and the two you listed were there. I changed it on my account per @govpatel‘s instructions/link. Now no longer comes up when plugged into the URL (it defaults to the free name). I’m assuming that’s a good sign.

    I also called BlueHost and told them to transfer the domain to their server from Wild West Domains (I think thats who gave me a year ago).

    Once you change name server it takes a day or two fully propagate in networks so wait for it propagate.



    I just noticed that I cannot access my public_html folder via Filezilla. Would that or the transfer of domain carrier be the cause of this?

    Just trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks again everyone!

    Once you change name server it takes a day or two fully propagate in networks so wait for it propagate.

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