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    I am an experienced php programmer, have mostly used Zend Framework and other MVC frameworks in the past, just getting into wordpress development. I have read much of the codex documentation, but it all seems to be focused on developing blog sites. I have found some business themes on the Internet, but no good documentation about using wordpress to develop business sites. The main question I am wondering about is: Do business sites use the same hooks that blogs do, and just use them in different ways? Also, if anyone knows of any good documentation sites about developing business sites for experienced developers, I would be very interested in that. Thanks in advance.

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  • The main (perhaps only) difference is that non-blog sites typically use pages for the bulk of their content and use posts only in a blog section (if at all). There are no differences wrt programming.



    With custom posts you can develop advanced themes

    Coming back to this, because I realize I should have expanded further – because, of course, there are plenty of differences in what you might want to do on any given site.

    However, what I meant above is that the hooks are the same. The API’s are the same. Tutorials and codex articles should obviously be read with an eye to the problem you’re trying to solve on the site you’re actually working on at the moment. But you don’t need to learn a whole different system to build sites than you would use for blogs. There’s only one WordPress to learn.

    (Note: “advanced theme” is nothing but a marketing term. There’s no actual definition of what makes a theme “advanced”, and there are themes across the full range of features that are designed for blogs or non-blog sites or both)



    Thank you for your responses. That helps a lot.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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