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  • Hi all im very new to creating websites and so on, so you can call me a noob 😛 . I see everyone these days running theirs blogs and so on so i decided to start one. I just heard of Word Press and tonight i decided to give it a shot but so far im unsuccesful.

    I unzipped the files and edited the sample config file and created the wp-config, but im not sure if i have done it correctly. Here is a screen shot of my problem :

    if anyone can adivse me where to go from here i would be most greatful.

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  • It looks like maybe you don’t have PHP installed on your hosting.

    To test that, make a blank file and call it test.php.

    Then put the following into it:

    <?php echo 'PASS'; ?>

    Then browse to that page — if you only see the word “PASS” you have PHP installed, but if you also see all that <?php echo stuff, I’m afraid you don’t.

    its asking me to download the test.php file, so i guess its not installed.

    Is there a way to install php? or does my Host provider have to have it enabled?

    Check to see if you’re on windows hosting or linux hosting – Linux typically has it, so if you’re on windows, ask them to switch you. It shouldn’t cost you any more, and with some hosts, I’ve seen my clients get a partial refund because linux is less expensive.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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