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    First of all, I’m loving your plugin we have purchased the premium lifetime license and have migrated our database from MS SQL to our local MySQL under the WordPress mySQL user account all good so far can see databases and all tables and even used the hyperlink HTML substitution and added the links to the old database attachments files and links which works on the attachments as a table very well.

    The current documentation on your website is abit confusing with the videos showing the older version of the WP data access plugin menu which shows a different menu layout from the old plugin and I appreciate that the new updated plugin is much better and have noticed the new videos coming soon.

    Now to build the form and app As you can imagine I have created a query with the builder and copied the query to the table builder which works great and shows a table fine as wanted what I would like to do now is build the app with the form so we can use this for future adding new records and attachments.

    So if I have a database with these three tables how would I make the child-parent editable form to show the timeline enteries and the old file attachment records together as said before already available on the attachment table only not editable.

    If I’m missing the documentation can you please point me to the correct tutorial to achieve this as I’m sure your plugin can do it and do it well.

    I wish you all a very happy new year and will be patient for your reply due to the holiday season.;-)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @serge023,

    Best wishes for 2024!

    Apologies for the documentation. We currently have a mix of outdated and up-to-date videos. The new version is coming soon and much more intuitive.

    To create a form, you first need to start the Form Builder from the plugin menu toolbar. Please start here:

    This video should give you a basic idea of Forms and Templates.

    To create a parent-child relationship. you need to create a page for your parent table and add the child tables in your template. This is shown in the video as well.

    From your screenshot I see you have a grantparent-parent-child relationship. Unfortunately the current version does not support more than on level. You can create a parent-child form with multiple child tables shown in tabs, but multiple levels is currently not supported.

    Please be aware that at least your parent table needs to be updatable and must have a primary key. Your children may be tables or views.

    Does this help to get you started?

    Best regards,

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    My Best wishes for your and your team for 2024 🙂

    Thank you, Peter, for your detailed explanation it was very helpful, I will focus on following that video and the more I watch it the more I start relating to each menu section from the old to new plugin menus.

    Just to be clear, after the Data Explorer review of database tables to when creating with the (Form Builder-Data Projects) first create the Form then add the pages, then use the (Templates and sets) to create sets to associate one-to-many or many-to-many in my case as I have Grandfather to parent-child. I have now created a new combined table and migrated the values with a primary key from those to a new CombinedData table with the values I need which works both on form and table with one difference.

    I Have also added with the Data Explorer within the manage settings Dynamic hyperlinks substitution to create my links to the old legacy file attachments file names and works great in (Table views) front end only.

    I have also added another field for new file uploads and also works well on the (Form view) edit and shows when editing the record to upload a new attachment via the WP-media library, but this (form view) Front or back end doesn’t show the Dynamic Hyperlink in the form edit or view to the legacy old attachments that do show only in the (table view) front end

    So to clarify when I have the (table view) on the front end it shows the legacy attachment file with the Dynamic hyperlink substitution.

    When I view or edit the (form) front or back end it only shows the WP-Media upload link I have created when editing a record, not the Dynamic hyperlink legacy files.

    Again Many thanks for your great plugin, which is helping us migrate our old legacy data platform and bringing it into a modern CMS Like WP.

    Patience is a virtue no rush have a great day

    Best wishes


    Plugin Contributor Kim L


    Hi Serge,

    Thanks for the update! We’re glad you were able to create a project eventually.

    For your other questions, we’d like to take a closer look so we can understand your setup better.

    Could you send us a message at Contact | WP Data Access? If you could also provide screenshots on where you’re having issues, that would be help us a lot.

    Thank you and we look forward to your message! 😊

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    Thank you will do 😉

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    I’m getting confused with the terms data projects and templates

    in the tutorial, we have a menu like this for many-to-many https://wpdataaccess.com/docs/data-apps/many-to-many-relationships/

    in the latest version of premium menus look like this. I am trying to follow the tutorial with the new version but I’m getting lost even though I love the plugin functionality and can’t fault it apart from the mixed-up tutorials I’m trying to follow unless I’m missing something in the plugin that gives me the data projects menu.

    I’m sorry about this also if I’m in edit mode in a form

    for example it view form mode on back-end it shows paragraph ok in row data like so below

    When I edit the row data in form it shows it as a single line I would like to make it a paragraph edit larger box edit window for that row TLComments

    I completely appreciate your time and patients in your support Thank you in advance

    Plugin Contributor Kim L


    Hi @serge023,

    Apologies for the confusion. The plugin is undergoing massive updates and we’ll do our best to update the documentation as much as possible.

    Could you send us a message via Contact | WP Data Access with your questions regarding the UI so we can address each one by one?

    We’ll wait for your message. 🙏

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