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    I just installed WordPress 2.7 and downloaded 6 extra themes. I unzipped the packages and placed them in the Themes folder under ‘wp-content’. When I click the CHANGE THEME button I only get the 2 themes that come with WordPress. Below the 2 themes it says:

    “Broken Themes
    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have astylesheet and a template.”

    However, it doesn’t list any of the added 6 themes or gives me an option to do anything.

    Is there some other step necessary in order to get WordPress to recognize the new themese other than adding each of the them folders to the THEMES folder under wp-content?


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  • Thanks Samboll, I already found that URL prior to posting. That is not the issue as the 6 new themes are in the wp-content folder exactly as indicated in the 2 videos prior to even seeing the videos. Something elese is the issue. Does the config file need to be modified to let WordPress know the new themes are there? Does there need to be a reboot or IISRESET?

    Also, wondering how I get email notification of a response to this post?


    Here is what it looks like under Manage Themes

    All 6 themes are unzipped into their own folders under wp-content/themes just like the Classic and Default. None of the theme folders are nested.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Anyone? I could use some help and would truly appreciate it.
    Googling and looking at other posts with regards to theme installation my installation is correct. However, all post appear to be referring a PRESENTATION tab which I don’t see anywhere.

    I am stuck until I get this resolved.


    And those other folders, do they have the correct files such as index.php, style.css etc?


    Here is an image of the Themes folder containing the 6 I downloaded and the Default and Classic from the installation

    Here are images of 2 of the downloaded theme folders

    These are themes downloaded from the Themes page here at WordPress

    However, all post appear to be referring a PRESENTATION tab which I don’t see anywhere.

    In 2.7 the tab is called Appearance…it will be on the left side in admin along with the other tabs. You should see your themes there.

    That is correct. Themes is there as I indicated earlier and provided a screen shot.

    The issue is that none of the 6 downloaded themes are available.

    If they are there, and are not nested in a directory, and all files are there, and they are in the correct location (wordpress/wp-content/themes), and they are in the correct blog (if you have more than one are you sure you uploaded to the correct one?), then I would check folder/file permissions on those themes.

    Yes, they are there. They are not nested. Yes, they are uploaded to the “only” blog on the server.

    Can you please elaborate on what permissions are needed on the folder different than what is already there which does display the DEFAULT and CLASSIC themes?


    Whatever you have on classic and default should suffice for the other themes. How are you uploading them? Do you have Cpanel on your site?

    “Whatever you have on classic and default should suffice for the other themes”? Not sure I understand that.

    Per my first post 😉 I explained that I downloaded the .zip files from WordPress Theme page, unzipped them, and copied the folder containing the themes to wp-content/themes. The folders are ‘NOT’ nested.

    Cpanel is not installed on my site. From other posts regarding Themes it does not appear that Cpanel is necessary to use the themes downloaded.

    “Whatever you have on classic and default should suffice for the other themes”? Not sure I understand that.

    What I meant by that was whatever permissions you have on those default themes (the ones that are working) should suffice for the ones you uploaded…the ones that are not working.

    I realize Cpanel is not required, but someitmes when you unzip files on a local machine and ftp, some screwy things can happen to the permissions. I was going to suggest (if you had Cpanel) that you upload the zip and then unzip them on the server.

    It seems I can’t help you…sorry…maybe someone else can. Best of luck.

    Yes, I would imagine the same thing myself as both DEFAULT and CLASSIC do appear as I indicated and I did nothing special to that folder other than install WordPress.

    I am not ftping anything. (I don’t believe I stated that). I am unzipping the files locally on the server and copying the individual theme folders to the wp-content/themes folder.

    Perhaps I am missing something here and expecting to see the 6 new themes that I included in the Themes folder to be available when I click Themes in the ADMIN section? Is there some other place that I should be looking for these themes in order to select a different them for my blog?

    Thanks for your assitance and yes, I do hope someone else can help here.

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