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  • I found it two minutes ago through the feed reader! Take a look:

    Features include Switchable colorscheme from admin area, two or three columns – select through template per page and good accesibility.

    The creation of this theme has been discussed in another forum thread where it sounded like a really interesting theme. I just tried it and it totally rocks. Thanks a million to Ainslie Johnson who did the code for it and to Andreas Viklund who provided the smashing design.

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  • Another link would be which is a demo site for the theme – and the download location. Go there instead, because that is where to download the theme. Sorry for the first link!

    There is other demo on too. This is no official thread but what are your comments to the theme? I am curious to know since I want to use it too!! 🙂

    Awesome! Another one completed.. =) And that one… is a sweet azz theme indeed! =)


    Glad to see you like the theme.

    Any problems with it please let me know.

    Very nice.

    Will there be a version for old WordPress 1.5?

    I hadn’t planned on a version for wp 1.5 unless enough people requested it. I don’t think it would be too hard to convert though.

    I know it works on wp 1.5 if you copy the css out of the color style sheets (i.e. blue.css or whatever color you want) in to the main style sheet (i.e. style.css).

    Awesome Theme. Loving it.

    thanks Ainslie!! Sounds very easy so no need for any special release there. 🙂

    Ainslie, I had sent you an email in-regards to the top nav.

    I downloaded the Andreas09 in hopes of maybe trying to get the “selected” menus working on my Blog3, running Andreas08 modified theme, and I’m not having much luck.

    As you can here:

    The menu is working fine in Firefox, but if you view it in IE6, it’s just cleared, almost like the background is transparent. =(

    I had already gotten an email from Andreas about the menu’s..and he said he was using the Blix’s nav setup.

    I had also tried that as well. I got the Blix’s and Andreas09’s working and now also the Regulus’s general nav setup working, but it’s all the same for viewing in IE6, the menu goes bye bye! =( I dunno anymore, I feel like just “bitch slapping” IE straight to hell lmaO!


    Ainslie, I think giving you admin control panel access was the best thing to do lol! You are so awesome! <bows to my new “selected menu God”> Thanks for getting it to work lol!

    Just a few more shitty things yet that needs done on her and she’ll be ready to be used on my main blog. =)


    No problem, Thankyou for letting me loose in your admin panel!

    It was fun! Maybe it’s a new service I can provide! lol

    As for bitch slapping IE, yes please do! Until it works, the way I want it to, should be enough.

    spencerp: that looks very nice! Interesting style and nice addition to the original by Andreas. Will you release it to public anytime soon?

    Thanks solidfan. =) I was thinking about it, originally of course I was going to use it for my main site or blog, that layout and such. But as I was thinking about it lately, I just might release that “theme” or look to the public.

    And then just change it all over “color” wise for my site. =) As you can tell, I had ALOT of people helping me with this layout, and CSS related issues to get it this way. Which it in itself is or would be a “sacrifice” so to speak to just give it out for public use. But, it’s not my orginal theme or template to begin with.. =)

    So, pretty soon here, I should have it done hopefully. And we’ll go from there. =) I was going to tweak a few more things here and there….so..we’ll see lol. =)I’m aiming to get this done real soon..because I want to change my whole Blog layout and look before the end of this month.

    Cause I won’t be around most likely for three months. Damn DUI charges on me, and they might throw me in jail for 90 days.. I highly doubt I’ll have internet access in there hahaha. But, I’ll let everyone know then soon.. =)


    If I do get “time” then my blog will be on “lock down” just like me lmaO! People will be able to read the topics or posts, just won’t be able to post replies n shit. And the shoutbox will be removed.. Don’t need my email box flooded with stuff which I can’t maintain ya know lol..

    Reminds me, I got my money today, so I guess it’s time to get some good BEER or LIQUER LOL!!

    I’m using this theme, and it is great. I am trying to add to the mainmenu, and I need a little help. I am adding a link to the menu, and I can’t figure out how to get the hover behavior of this link to match the page links. When I hover over this link (forum), the whole menu changes color. Also, I need to get the text centered in the button. Any ideas? I would also like to make the HOME link behave like the page links, to me, it loses the button effect by not changing like the rest.
    Any help would be much appreciated. I have never seen PHP code before starting with WordPress last week. I have some trouble with the syntax trying things out of the codex. Any links to more information on this would also be appreciated.

    Here is the site:

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