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  • I’ve been playing with setting up, configuring and designing a new theme (goes by the name of “unreflected” at the moment) which you can view live on my personal site at

    I haven’t packaged it up as of yet (can do so easily if people are interested though) and I’m still playing with parts of the layout … most noteably the drop down content “shelf” at the top of the page which I plan to use for Flickr images, but at the moment it has a static placeholder image.

    I’m interested to know what everyone thinks? I’d love some feedback pretty please …

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  • Did you draw that illustration yourself? That “shelf” thingy is pretty nice…

    That’s an interesting idea, I mean the pics on the “shelf”.
    It’s a bit too narrow for my taste – but we all have our personal preferences. Otherwise a nice clean design!

    Sorry, I meant to add because I didn’t make it clear (and it isn’t on my site) that if you click the tab at the top with the arrows in it, the “shelf” should appear and disappear … I say SHOULD, I’m hoping you’ll tell me if it does/doesn’t!!

    JimHERE – I didn’t draw the picture myself, it was a stock image picture …

    moshi – I’m not sure I like the narrowness either yet … I might change it so it’s a bit wider!! But thanks for the comments :o)

    I like it a lot. Great job

    Amazing theme! Excellent work!

    very nice, I’d be interisted in a copy if you planned on releasing scottdixon @

    Nice shelf!

    nice work gary, definitely interested in the theme if you do release it 🙂

    Thanks for the nice comments guys!

    I will certainly be releasing this theme in the near future, but I still want to make some tweaks to tidy up the XHTML & CSS code and fix a few minor issues I know about cross browser wide, with things like the “shelf”.

    If you bookmark the site though and check back I’m hoping to have released the theme before this time next week …

    Hi – so is the theme awailable – if not – would you be prepared to send me the WP archived files to dismantle and learn.

    davs from smallfish

    Mmmm, moo.fx.

    And yeah, it’s too narrow for my tastes — it takes up just a little over a 1/3 of my screen width. 🙁

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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