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  • I’ve currently got a new theme under development. Unlike the themes I’ve released in the past, this one is going to be super cala fragalistic expealodoucious, or so I hope. I haven’t released it yet, but I have put together a demo site, which I’ve populated with some dummy data so you can see what it looks like and a discussion group so you can give me feedback, request features and/or report bugs.

    For more information, please visit:

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  • Looks delicious 😀

    Well it’s about time! I’ve only been examining your .css at thoughtmechanics for the past month to get an idea of how you’re coding all of those extras. 😉

    Very nice theme.


    Yeah, I’m excited about this one, I’m going to take some time and really put it together nicely.

    I am wondering how customizable you will make the theme, in that, if I choose not to have a Flickr gallery and tag support, will the theme handle it appropriately? Will I be able to select individual pieces or is it going to be a take the whole thing as is?


    Well, I’m going to make the theme support those plugins by checking to see if they exist, and if not, than I won’t attempt to display them. There a couple of plugins that I’m actually including with the theme by including the files in the download and including them with php require() statements, but I’m going to see if they exist first before I “require” them. A couple of things are still up in the air, and more questions will be answered after the initial alpha release (which will hopefully happen in a day or two).

    I do think I’m going to make the tag system a permanent part of the theme though, because it’s built on top of WordPress categories, so (you’re essentially using it anyway). And as I mentioned in the blog post on my site, one of my goals for this theme is to mesh the idea of social networking into WordPress.

    Yayay I loved that theme when you ran it live on squible 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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