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  • beautiful

    Very interesting theme. And nice. But the icon of the Pages in the sidebar is a box, which.. doesn’t containt the sense of word “page”, IMHO. Anyway good job.

    res 1024 but I have a small horizontal scrollbar…

    Extremely nice and simple theme.

    It’s a beautiful theme… but only at 1024 or higher.
    Would be MORE beautiful if the content column was flexible – that way 800×600 visitors wouldn’t have to scroll…

    #ladydelaluna: I should consider it Thank you.

    please post back if you do make it that way… i’d definitely be interested in it!

    @ ladydelaluna,

    In a way you are right, but on the otherhand. If you have a statcounter whit nice options like seeing the screenresolution people use, you will find out that 90 % use 1024 or higher.
    So the question is…..

    That looks really nice. I think I might just have to use that for my blog.

    red-star – that depends on the content of your site… if you’re a programmer, then yes, most programmers/web developers use 1024. but if you’re writing about a weight loss journey, you’re apt to have people from all walks of life, who may or may not even KNOW they can change from the default 800 on their 7 year old computer… you know?

    it depends on your site… and only that… who your visitors are. if they’re “computer savvy” they’ll use 1024 – but both of my own parents use 800×600 (it doesn’t help that they’re in their 50s and both need glasses either)

    it’s just nice when a theme comes out that’s suitable for ALL resolutions… that’s all. 🙂 i know i can tweak this one if i wanted… but i’m referring to non-CSS/HTML users.

    #ladydelaluna get a point on this.

    I just check my Google Analytics, my web visitor using 800×600 res are more than 15%. That’s why the I have to considering her suggestion.

    In other way, when I start design this, I also do consider this. The first 2-column for 800x600px is for link that ‘importanly’ have to visible in 800×600. And in 3rd column, I put the links which less important.

    Actualy, before I look my statistic, I have same idea with red-star, lol. I assume that my visitor using 800×600 res should be less than 5%. I just not recheck my Google Analytics for that.

    Okay, I understand the explenation, but how far does one or another have to go. There also stil people with a 14 ” screen. Do I have to take that in mind? My site is now made for a resolution from 800X600, but i dont know how long I will keep it like that. Is that wromg?

    red-star – i don’t believe that restricting a site layout to ANY resolution is a good idea. i do, however, feel that making a layout work with any resolution (by using a flexible content div and fixed width in sidebars) a fantastic idea.

    sorry if you misunderstood what i was saying… i was always speaking in terms of fluidity and flexibility for all screen resolutions… not designing for any one type of resolution in particular.

    I use a 15″ laptop at 1024. That’s fairly standard. It’s actually a wide screen, yet it still gives me a scroll bar. When the theme doesn’t work for the average user, I don’t see how you can consider it for widespread use

    Its not possible resiny. There will always be a possible scrollbarr. A specaly with Blogs.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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