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  • Very nice. Easy to read and navigate.

    Nice one!

    Thanks everyone! It’s fun to see other people using the theme on their sites.

    I noticed, after uploading it to, that I’m missing default values for some important stuff and documentation would be nice too. Looks like I’ve got something to do this weekend.

    beautiful theme – thank you!

    looks great and I particulary like the “stopped comment box effect” in the version.
    there is a header and footer light non-alignment bug for me (firefox) , am I the only mirage victim?

    Museum – is it a single pixel misalignment that happens when changing the size of the window? I’ve noticed that in IE (has to do with centering calculations) but I didn’t see the same in FF. Which version / platform should I check to match it?

    Also – I just tried it on Safari and the footer is riding up into the body text quite a bit. Yet another bug to add to the list.

    Nice layout! Left a comment to your marriage post! Good luck!

    @cfrazier : yes, a “single pixel misalignment” indeed and even a double , but not “when changing the size of the window”, it’s permanent!
    I’m using FF & windows XP
    I remember a similar problem with Kubrick Theme at begining..
    Goood luck

    I’m trying it on my test blog and it gets listed under “broken themes” and says the stylesheet is missing.
    What could be the problem?
    Am I doing something wrong?


    It’s beautiful by the way.

    That might help a little bit.. =) Hopefully lol.. =P


    *Or..they could have it setup like that image there, but! Have their own stylesheet folders like:
    all other files..

    If you’re watching this thread, a rather significant update to Subtle has been released. Here’s a list of changes:

    • Fixed a nasty Safari / Konqueror error in the header.
    • Added initialization scripting for the theme when first installed (it looks better out of the box).
    • Added default sidebar stuff for people not using Widgets.
    • Fixed various permalink issues – we use ugly URLs consistently now.
    • Added a header upload / generator option to the “Current Theme Options” panel. Customizing Subtle couldn’t be easier now.
    • Lots of little fixes in the CSS.
    • The header photoshop file is now packaged with the theme.

    Check out the new Subtle page (with installtion instructions) at:

    Wow! That theme looks really nice. One “subtle” comment (really bad, I know) is that the demo page doens’t validate XHTML. Not that this deters me from exploring it and really liking it, but it means that I cannot use it on my site <pout>.

    Keep up the good work!

    mjwood – Who doesn’t love a pun?!?

    Also, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Had a couple of typos and some blocks in a span. It’s now fixed in the current download and should validate fine.

    Good deal! While you’re at it, you may want to fix the CSS to validate…

    Your call on that one since many people never check this.

    Ya – I’m aware of the CSS non-validation. It’s a stupid browser hack that, as soon as I figure out why the valid code bugs out, I’ll fix. Until then… no “Valid CSS” badge. 🙁

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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