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  • A brand new WordPress theme for self-composition. The adminstration interface provides a number of possibilities for adjusting the design according your needs. Sirius is completely internationalized and presently available in German and English, additional languages will follow. Feedback and suggestions concerning improvement or extensions are welcome.

    Settings (each option can be enabled or disabled)

    – 5 predefined color schemes (Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon)
    – own scheme: Color of links
    – own scheme: Font Type
    – own scheme: Font Size
    – own scheme: Headerimage
    – Calendar
    – Search
    – Categories (normal/with Counter/with RSS)
    – Blog description
    – Blogroll (with/without Categories)
    – Static Sites (order by page menu/order by date)
    – Archive (monthly/weekly)
    – Latest Comments
    – Feeds
    – WP-Meta
    Post Options:
    – Comments
    – Sidebar
    – Header Links
    – Meta Keywords
    – Meta Description
    – Footer-Options:
    – Footer Area (e.g.: for Counter)
    – Adminbar
    – Color Picker
    – Gravatars
    – Search Hilite
    – FancyTooltips
    – ShortNews
    – AdsArea

    Information and download link under:,497/2/

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  • Very nice theme. Super easy on the eyes. This will seem a bit odd to ask, but I will anyway, why did you decide on using H1 headers for the post titles instead of H2 (or lower)? It seems odd to me to use a different class of the same header instead of just a lower header. Likewise, I noticed you used H2’s for your link categories (on the sidebar). Why not H3’s?

    Just a few questions which may or may not be important.

    Just trying out your theme and had some comments:

    Ads- there doesn’t seem to be a way to place more than one ad nor a way to place an ad on the home page.

    I am using Adhesive for a ‘welcome’ post on my home page. Your theme inserts the word ‘Important’ in front of this post. How can I edit/delete that.

    Not to be picky, but is there possibly an issue with using “Sirius” as your theme name? Given there is “Sirius Satellite Radio” ?

    Copyright infringement?

    Just curious.

    Sorry, the “Important” text came from another plugin Adnesive

    oumba96 – “Sirius” is the official name of a star in the sky – no one can hold a copyright on that. If he called it “tulip” – it would be the same thing, as you can’t copyright the word “tulip”.

    and that doesn’t even touch on the fact that he could very well make a theme using “golden arches” and call it the “McDonald’s Theme” and still not get in trouble… but that’s besides the point.

    that said – it’s a great looking theme, and is now downloaded to my puter 🙂

    is there any live demo ?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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