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  • I like it very much, tim. wouldn´t use it for a business site, but for my own private needs&likings it´s nearly perfect 🙂
    My only “complaint” would be that the contrast between the beauttifully dark background and the white “sheet” is too harsh, would prefer a gray tone, as dark as it can get without rendering the writing unreadable obviously 😉
    but that might be just me. it´s really very nice.

    I likes!

    I’m currently using it for a writing blog (and therefore love the contrast — though I did change the color of the sidebar and post titles). About the only things that aren’t there, that I wish were, are the “runs on WordPress, copyright 2009, etc.” line that accompanies “theme designed by”, and the tagline underneath the blog title. Both I’m having a beast of a time trying to add myself. 😛

    another author using it on a writing blog. Looks great in Firefox, in IE6 the graphic behind the titles of posts is a black rectangle. Could really do without that embellishment as it reduces text contrast (and hence accessibility) even when it works properly. Hubby checked on his laptop running IE7 and it displays correctly there.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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