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  • I like the overall look and placement of everything myself. I’m just not sure about the smaller text in the sidebar and the color scheme itself though. Maybe if ya kept it on the dark blue and yellow it would better hehe.. But, not bad… not bad at all! =) I would change or modify alot though myself…I’ll download your theme once and play around with it. =)


    P.S. I’m not trying to tear apart the theme or how you made it, I’m just one that likes to modify a layout to my liking. =)

    Have a look at the control panel, you can change the colour scheme without editing any files. I think I’ll make that clearer on the blog page (UPDATE: ok – I’ve added a screenshot of the admin panel to try and make what you can change clearer).

    And don’t worry about ‘tearing it apart’ – as long as it’s constructive you can say whatever you like 🙂

    Thanks for the comments though.

    Theme looks good!! I just have a question regarding the conditional formatting of it (I left a comment on your site about it which you can delete if you want… sorry ’bout that). Do you have some type of support for it? I didnt know if I should post it here or not, so I am not… for now.


    Hmm – there’s no comment appeared on the blog, not in moderation either.

    I’m quite happy to do any support though. What did you want to know?

    You’ve just taken themes one huge step further for the WordPress community! Not only is your theme a pleasure esthetically, its variables are quite an innovation. It would be perfect if there were a language file (pot or po). We, other peoples of the world, have to accept to translate each theme seperately and individually (if we can) or make do with the defaults. I’ll give you a hand if I can and I promise, at worst, a french translation.

    I don’t know about a huge step further. The idea has been around for a while (see K2 by Binary Bonsai). I just tried to do things in a slightly different way.

    I hadn’t really considered translations. I did the simple things (using the _e() command) but didn’t consider a translation file. If you want to email me (ben at binarymoon dot co dot uk) with a translation I will look at adding some sort of language selection to the admin panel.

    Oh yeah – it looks like comment were broken on som pages of my blog so no comments have been getting through. Anyone who has tried commenting should try again. I haven’t been deleting things – honest 🙂

    Great theme, Binary Moon!

    One small comment, and may only be applicable to Firefox, but the CSS for your ordered lists looks like it needs some tweaking. Currently in FF the 2 digit list numbers (ie “10.”, “15.”, “20.” etc) appear to be placed 3 or 4 pixels too far to the left, cutting the first digit in half.

    It’s more noticeable for the list items in the 20s (so, from “20.” thru to “28.”).

    Much warmth,


    oops – I only added the ol and ul formatting at the last minute. Looks like it needs tweaking. I noticed a couple of other things that need changing so I think I’ll be doing a new release sooner than planned 🙂


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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