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  • Hello, I have recently created a new theme for my blog, and was curious if people thought it was good enough to release to the public. I’d appreciate any feedback on my theme – good or bad. There might a be a bug here or there. Plus I know have my credits duplicated, that’s because I’m not sure which one I want to keep.

    Theme can be viewed at Dadscape.

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  • bmg1227 what a great looking theme nice color match and the layout is top notch. I checked out various aspects like comments archives etc and i must say that i am pleased with your work on it. Well done.

    Thanks Makki, I appreciate your kind words. Do you see any things that I can improve on before I work on releasing a public version?

    it’s….not really my style. it feels kind of lifeless

    I liked it. I like being able to highlight a photo in the upper right corner. I liked the three column layout at the bottom.
    The whole thing looks very similar to a theme from that I just tried out, though. I wound up using his StripedPlus.

    Resiny, lifeless in what regard? Color scheme, content layout, lack of images?

    Very tight theme. Nice layout. A bit dark for me, but despite that it’s fairly easy to read. An excellent work.

    Although I’m not a fan of “dark background” themes, I have to commend you on your taste. Nice, non-traditional design and good “understated” color scheme.

    Nice looking site. Cheers.

    Love it. Will use when its released.

    Thanks for the feedback so far – I’ve decided to make my content area have a white background, as I wasn’t a fan of an all dark theme. Any more feedback would be appreciated!

    Ooow me like!
    Too bad you didn’t manage to keep the single page on 1 static screen, I love the idea of not having to scroll, but the comments blow it.
    Very slick indeed…like your style!

    What do you mean the comments blow it?


    very nice architecture! Love that. Would use different colors though, but the basic theme is lovely.

    lhk, what kind of link colors would you suggest?

    Hi bmg,

    I’d adjust them to the relevant site topic, but I usually prefer a less harsh combo. Which doesn’t mean you should change them for the theme, colors can be easily adjusted via CSS by anyone using it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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