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    I have put in a new theme and have the following problems with it. I’m newbie to WP but a long time webmaster and phpBB admin.

    Today I have tried unsuccessfully to figure out why the template won’t work and see if I could fix it. I compared the files to the working basic default but really couldn’t figure out why it doesn’t work. However, there’s a couple of other problems with it. So, I am creating a list here for the repairs of what I am seeing. Current version of WordPress is 2.1 and that is what I am running.

    (1) Blogroll & Pages are not flowing into sidebar like the default template has. There is a code error in their place.

    (2) Title does not align properly with the rest of text in sidebar, is different margin?

    (3) Description is in black and is virtually unreadable against the dark blue background needs to be white like title.

    (4) If post more than a couple of posts, since the background image flows to bottom, it goes out of site, obscuring the background, nullifying the whole theme. Looks fine with one post like the demo. The Background image needs to be flushg at top. Then a background image of the sand that can fill as board goes down with many posts. If the user scrolls down, the sand continues repeating as a background image but the sky and chairs stay up flush to top. I want the design visible when new visitors come in. Right now, with 3 posts, the site doesn’t look good when a new visitor hits it. The background image is so important and so it needs to stay flush to top. See uploaded picture 9, this is how plain it looks with the BG image pushed out of site.

    Will pay by paypal if someine could make this template work correctly. It’s driving me crazy and I prefer to get help rather than struggle along as I learn it. Any Takers?

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