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  • I created a new Theme for WordPress 2.0 called Musil. Musil is currently in beta but stable. Musil is called beta, because it does not have all the features it should have when it’s ready. You can see it on and get advanced information and the download link under

    Musil has following features:

    * Content Negotiation (i.e. multi language ready). Currently supported are English and German, but one can simply translate it using gettext

    * Easily extendable theme framework

    * Easy to understand and easy to customise

    * Optimised directory structure

    * Plugin-like functions (alphabetically ordered taglist in single post view, etc.)

    * The perfect 404 (from A List Apart) made in PHP

    It would be nice to get a bit feedback. Thanks.

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  • Nice! I like the simplistic design! It looks great!!


    Very nice theme! Unfortunately, after activating it, it throws the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: cachedfilereader in c:\..\wordpress2\wp-includes\wp-l10n.php on line 72

    Please set WPLANG in wp-config.php to your language, WordPress includes some files only after doing this. I’m going to put a workaround in the next version.

    Thank you leflo for the ultra-fast response. I set WPLAN to ‘en’ and it fixed the error above, but now I have another one:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_scrobbler() in c:\…\wordpress2\wp-content\themes\Musil\include\blocks\scrobbler.php on line 2

    It looks like I might miss some plugin or other; if that is the case, could they be listed in a readme.txt file, or even better packaged and installed with the theme, like a few other thems do? I am very new to WordPress and just finding my way around.

    This is a very cool theme, unlike any other out there.

    Ok, I found the wp-scrobbler plugin on the web
    from and installed it but I still get this new error:

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for get_scrobbler() in c:\…\wordpress2\wp-content\plugins\wp-scrobbler.php on line 154

    Ahh yes, that is why it’s called beta. You don’t need that plugin (scrobbler) it is just used by default. That will change..

    To avoid it, please edit include/bottombar/default.php

    and replace

    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/include/blocks/scrobbler.php'); ?>


    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/include/blocks/blogroll.php'); ?>

    One more problem: when I change the page from “Blog” to “About”, the “About” page is partly in German… Neulich, Letzte Musik, etc.

    That was it, thank you!

    By the way, I think I can fix the German text in the template, I just mentioned it in case you are not aware.

    The German text should be in english, there was a problem with the content negotiation. I outsourced it and it should work like charm now (i.e. Musil 0.97 Beta).

    Btw: Musil now works without defined WPLANG.

    And for everyone who is wondering about which plugin get_scrobbler is: it’s Scrobbler:

    Musil Beta 0.97.1 is out with two improvements:

    1. Sidenotes for Pages (see Musil project homepage) for an example.
    2. Menu with translucent background

    Get it here: Musil project homepage

    i’ve got this error message:

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: slimtheme in /home/lontanod/public_html/wp-content/themes/Musil/home.php on line 2

    how can i fix?

    You’re using WordPress 1.5.2, but the Musil theme only works with WordPress 2.0 only.

    Hi Leflo, very intriguing theme. Could you comment on the different types of posts? How can you select what appears where?

    This is from the README, wich is not part of the current distribution. I wrote that last night and are going to release the next version 0.97.5 soon. You can downlad it on the project homepage: The Musil Theme


    In my opinion categories and tags are the same, so if I talk about tags I mean categories. If you want to use categories the same way you would use tags you can use the Cat2Tag Plugin.

    The Musil Theme introduces a new concept called Hidden Tags to WordPress. Hidden Tags are invisible for the visitor and are used for several things (see THE FEATURED POST and SIDENOTES for examples). To add a Hidden Tag just prepend a dot to the tags name (e.g. .private would be a Hidden Tag).


    The Musil Theme displays a leading post, the featured post, on the frontpage in full length, this post will catch the attention of the visitor. To add a new post to the frontpage tag it with .feature.


    Sidenotes are a new invention in the blogosphere. They basicly are simple posts most smaller than real posts, like an informal information, and they show up in the sidebar. The Musil Theme supports sidenotes, you just have to tag them .sidebar, if you want them to appear on the frontpage, and .page-<pagename&gt;, if you want them to appear on the page called ‘pagename’ (e.g. a post taged .page-musil would appear on the page ‘musil’)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)
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