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  • Be gentle, its my first theme and Ive uploaded it while I guess its technically a work in progress but as it works I thought ‘why not’. Anyway, its partially based on Kubrick code with my design and (lack of) CSS skills, so im sure the CSS can be improved. Anyway, enough with excuses, see it and get it here.
    Please bear in mind Im in the UK and Im very busy at work so dont post loads of “Reply to me now” messages as I may not be able to log in or I might not even be awake!

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  • It’s nice – I’m not keen on the large space between the ‘Welcome to Mallow’ text and the masthead space above it, though, and the same goes for the space above ‘author’.

    very nice

    the space above author is correct, but yes the others space is wrong, but it only appears if you dont have enough posts for a previos button. still id like to fix it

    Im am constantly looking at it though, and there are a few more minor nags I want to look at.
    I might just pause for a few days though, just too look at it afresh.

    In IE the title of every post after the first one is messed up, it’s only fits in about two words per line. Also, the search bar isn’t aligned to the left

    I think the title problem might be my use of percentage widths within the content (I guess), the search bar should sort of sit to the right but Ill have a look.
    Unfortunately IE is a bitch.

    this is (I think) fixed now with v1.1, it was the percentage widths – so theyre back to pixels now.

    Mallow version 1.5 is now available.

    I just installed this to see how it might look, IE is ok, but FF is terrible. Does this theme work in FF? And if so, what needs to be changed?

    OK, well you have err ‘customised’ it slightly.

    try removing all the stuff youve stuck around it, shortening “A 21st century redneck who likes dirt car racing, rock & roll, and photography tries to figure out what it means to follow after the path of Jesus in this crazy world of today.” and then see.

    Beautiful theme! Just what I needed. I downloaded it for 1.5, and am having one slight problem. I edited the “Author” info for the sidebar in sidebar.php (via the WP interface), but my changes don’t show up on the main page. Any suggestions?

    Thank you. I would guess that either youve editted the wrong sidebar, or you dont have permission to save it.
    Try editing on your machine then uploading

    Thanks for responding so quickly. Ok, the file I edited was wp-content/themes/mallow/sidebar.php, and it saved just fine and the changes are in there. Maybe that’s the wrong file to tweak? It’s labelled “Sidebar Template” in the Theme Editor w/i WordPress. (I also double checked by opening the file in Cpanel – the changes are there.)

    so then, it IS changed but not showing up on your site?

    sounds like something on your host/server.

    maybe try addinf loads of X’s to it ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXX’ and see what happens?

    sidebar.php IS the correct file

    Hmmm… nothing. The changes are in there, but something prevents them from showing up. I also took out the calendar, and it’s still showing up. Something on my host, you say? Hmmm. Great. Well, thanks for trying.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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