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  • nice design!

    Love this theme.




    yas – it wasn’t a stifling of creativity… it was more of an epiphany and a “now why didn’t I think of that” kind of moment. It’s gotten me to thinking, which is a bad thing because my new theme isn’t done yet….


    I think its been extremely well done. And whats more the content is worth reading as well. Excellent work, IMO. Not “just another theme”

    lookin forward to a release of this. Very nice

    Very interesting theme, I’ll be waiting for the public release.

    Have you released those already?

    No, Kiwi hasn’t been released yet. I’m currently developing a version of the theme that will be a bit easier to customize and make your own.

    I’ll post an update detailing the to-do list and how far along I am. Hopefully, Kiwi will be out in beta for you all to play with and debug in the coming weeks.

    As far as the plugins go, I’ll post the_feature() source sometime tonight or tomorrow, hopefully someone with more extensive php skills (and time) can help me debug and streamline it. The the_meta_image() plugin source is already out, suggestions welcomed on it as well.

    cool…cant wait

    The Featured Post plugin is available as promised. Here.

    It’s alpha material, so backup those databases before using if you’re going to help test and develop it.

    Sorry to keep everyone waiting for the public release. I think I’ve got most of the major bugs worked out, so I’ll be releasing the beta version into the wild this week.

    More details to come…

    Good theme Yas. I especially liked the place where one can highlight special places of the websites (I call it spotlight). GOod theme indeed bu a tad too late for me to switch over now 🙂

    Well, thanks to a hardware problem, Kiwi won’t be out this week.
    Sorry folks.

    It’s great, but the text is WAY too small.

    You guys have telescopic eyes or something?

    Hy there – about your theme : it’s simple and clean, but like the odder guys – the font is to small

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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