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    It looks fine. Not sure I would consider it a theme… But that’s just me.

    Great theme

    Where can I download it?

    I like it!

    I like it as well,

    WOuld it be easy to change some of the images?

    and are you going to allow others to use it?

    I think this is a great theme.
    Looks like there is alot of unique css work that has made this theme structurally different than alot of other themes.

    are you going to make this available for download?

    Wouldn’t consider it a theme?

    What would you consider it?

    I think it looks awesome!

    I’ll make it available for download as soon as I’ve got the bugs worked out of the plugins, hopefully this weekend.

    And changing the images should be really simple – I’ll write up a description soon.

    Thanks for all the interest. I wasn’t sure if I should make this available or not, but if people like it I’m more than happy to share!

    I like themes that try a different structure. Good work!
    The font is really to small though!

    yas, your theme seems like it would be geared for people that use wp for a CMS and not just a blog.

    “Wouldn’t consider it a theme?

    What would you consider it?”
    haha, thats what I thought to myself.

    Problem is this: this is exactly the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that makes me want to chuck the template I’ve been working on…..

    If that was too subtile, it means I like enough to dump what I’ve been working on and try something else.


    Ha ha. for the above comments. Yes I dont coinsider it a theme! It looks like a webpage plain and simple. Nice work, I’m not taking that away from him. Theme is a generic term in the case of WP, I understand that. So before you chime in and comment, and try to be funny, understand what you and I think may be different.

    edit: As an example this blog and this blog have a theme feel to them, as many others I have seen here and other WP’s sites on the web. Maybe that makes a little more sense now.

    Aaaaah. I see now…. theme (CSS, HTML etc), vs a theme (like for a party or a gathering). Yes, in THAT context, not a theme. But in context of a series of files to convey a look, yes it is…. depends on you definition of “is” is. ;P


    I wont hijack his post. But I answered your question.

    yas – like I said before “It looks fine.”


    Thanks for the kind words, Louis. You can download it and activate it using the presentation menu, so for what it’s worth that’s why I call it a theme.

    TG, I made this “theme” to spark my own creativity, not stifle others! Keep working on your theme, don’t trash it and start over – it’s you’re own outlet and reflects your personality. That’s the whole point of theming blogs!

    As for Kiwi, I’ll post here when I feel the beta is stable enough to let others test it out. Thanks for the support everyone, you make long nights fighting with PHP and CSS well worth it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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