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  • I am very happy to announce the release of yet another theme from your Lab. 🙂

    Take a look at and see if you like it.

    The footer has 3 links.
    1. is for wpthemepark (the theme developer)
    2. is for the designer
    3. is to a non-profit organization that needs some help. (Learn more about that in the theme page).

    I am sure you will love this theme.


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  • Simple, straightforward. Spookily similar to all the other themes out there. Not particularly interesting. Despite your confidence, I don’t love it.

    I’m inclined to agree with jhorbury, I’m afraid.

    I’m no designer myself and I really DO appreciate the efforts that people put into designing themes for us all to play with, but what’s happened to the originality that used to be plentiful around here? Everything released lately looks exactly like the ten before it, just with a different header pic, or in a different colour! Dare I say, themes lately have become rather, erm, boring?

    I expect some will jump down my throat telling me to come up with something better, or that I’m insulting the designers – but before they do, let me just restate once more…

    1. I DO appreciate others efforts

    2. I’m not a designer, so I recognise the fact that I probably can’t do any better

    3. The same theme in ten differing colours does not equal ten new themes

    4. Not EVERY theme release is wonderful, amazing or fantastic. Some of them are indeed crap.

    I sort of remember saying the same kind of thing during the recent theme compo fiasco’s and was ripped apart by the baying fan-boys, none of whom really understood just what I was trying to say – namely, that there’s no longer any excitement around new theme releases any more, probably because we all know exactly what they’ll look like before they’re released (ie: just like the one before it!).

    On a more positive note, Sadish is one of those that DOES inject a little originality into his themes – in fact some of them have been beautiful to look at.

    This one wasn’t one of them.

    Okay, I’m ready. Let the lions in now.

    ditto I am afraid 🙁

    Thanks Piggy for recognizing some of my works. I know people are watching what I am doing, even though they don’t open up like you just did.

    This theme is nothing unusual, but it has a “random header” feature. it is new to anything I have done so far.

    We can talk about the lack of originality on a different thread, so it gets more attention.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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