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  • I get a wierd flashing when scrolling down the page with that background image.

    It’s your monitor catching up to the image. Perfectly normal.

    Are you saying not all machines experience the psychedelic strobe effect your background created on mine?

    Dude – cool theme…I like the strobing! Thought I was having a flashback… no seriously its probably because it scrolls with the page as opposed to being position:fixed, no?


    EDIT: also fwiw, the search field breaks out of its box on ff 1.04 on mac osx..other than that – cool:)

    eragle, you should probably set your background graphic “fixed” in the css, like this: background: #fff url(images/background.gif) fixed repeat 0% 0%;. That would stop the strobe/flicker. (Note: “repeat” isn’t really necessary, it’s the default. You also probably should be listing the horizontal postition first – “left” is actually 0% – and then the vertical position – “top” is actually 0%.)

    Thanks vkaryl. The theme is still a bit “dirty” as far as code goes. I released sooner than I intended so I could get started on a redesign of my site.

    Well, it’s neat, but it’s hard to “watch” right now, if you know what I mean! I know how it is when you’ve got themes sprouting everywhere though…. have fun, and let us in on when the site redo is finished!

    Just finished it up! 😉

    Just took a quick look…. see that thread….

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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