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  • I’ve always liked very simple themes. Very clean. Besides the couple of validation errors, it’s very cool.

    hehe , I could not validate my life… I always seem to have some small errors..

    yup.. I’ve got the usual 20 or so… Every once in awhile I’ll go through and clean it up…
    you know.
    I see the theme works with WP 2.0. Think I’ll just head on over there and download it. 🙂

    I think the sidebar looks incredibly messy due to the indentation.It looks as if the words are going to eventually fall right off the page.And the more stuff that gets added to the sidebar the worse it gets.

    I find many themes I adore but the over-zealous indentation of the sidebar content often causes me to pass to them.

    Thats a valid point , I will work on getting it fixed in other versions

    I like it, but agree with Bhoney’s comments. It looks great with sparse content tho…

    How come the preview doesn’t match what you download?

    Are you downloading the gored theme or the PSD for mellow ?

    Well, I was really interested in that theme that was on that site a few moments ago at my last glace. I think it had a grass blade, I really liked how that flowed. Could you tell me how, and where I could get that theme that was on your site? (

    Nice and simple. Personally, I’m not into ‘nice’ themes but many are so who am I to argue.

    Yeah, the sidebar should be cleaned up.

    Oh. I found it! But the sad thing is I would have to implant it into WordPress. Eh, I’m to lazy for all that. LOL! =c)

    rummy it is called greenery

    Yes, I found it. I just do not feel like implanting it into wordpress. I’m far to lazy, and impatient for all that. Thank you though. 😉

    It has already been ported:

    Oh yay! Thank you so much! 😀

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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