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  • 1) It’s too pink. 🙂
    2) In the comments section, the Mail box is yellow with white text which cannot be seen.
    3) The header makes reading any text written there nearly impossible.

    IMHO, a color change doesn’t warrant a new theme name..


    1) That was what I wanted, this theme is made for a very large amount of adult webmasters that wanted something like that.
    2) I don’t know what you mean, care to explain…
    3) The header colour can be changed via the Admin CP, and almost nobody uses only txt for their header.

    That is your opinion….

    You are seriously asking for donations for a theme that was mostly designed by somebody else? Niiiice.



    “2) I don’t know what you mean, care to explain…”

    If you want to leave a comment you hit the comment link and fill in name, email and comment…what Cypher means is that the “email box” there is yellow and if you type an email adress you hardly see anything casue the color you type is white.

    And for a dutch girl that doesn’t like pink, but understands where it’s commming from, this theme is all “Amsterdamn”.


    I could have also hired a coder for 30 bucks to change the code in such a way that it wasn’t the kubrick code.
    And then I could have selled it for at least 15 dollar per download. So what is your point? I’ve got the right to ask donations, and the users can decide if they want to donate.


    I’ve checked it in Firefox and Internet Explorer but I’m still having trouble to find what you are meaning.
    Could you please e-mail me? (You can find the e-mail address on my website) Thanks in anticipation.



    Err..couldn’t find an email adress.

    I you go to this page : –> Leave a Reply and there you will see name, mail and website. The mail box is the one we are talking about. And in FF it’s okay, looks like an IE (version 6) problem.

    Hope this is a bit clearer.

    I LOVE it.. d/ling now 🙂 Thanks for sharing


    My info:

    You should really help me because the browsers that I used to test it all displayed it without any flaws (FF,IE,Opera)


    Thnx 🙂

    Some toolbars (like google’s) like to hilight some fields as yellow if they’ve saved data for a field of that name. Wonder if that’s an issue here.


    Maybe that’s it, I’m not sure. But I’ve checked it with all the browsers I had. I even asked a friend for a second opinion and he also didn’t see it.



    Hoping someone can help me with a sidebar problem I’m having with Leone. I’ve added some Google Adsence banners into the sidebar.php. They show up fine on the main page of my blog, but not on the individual post pages. I don’t have this problem on any other templates…



Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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