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  • This theme really looks great. I’m jealous.

    Only one remark: you might want to create an alternative version for people that don’t want to use categories as tags. It’s probably only a small adjustment for an alternative version.

    It is just the categories, just called as ‘Tags’…dont worry TwoMotits.


    Thank-you for the kind words.

    To be honest, there are a couple of things I did with the theme that I questioned myself on…changing "categories" to "tags" was one of them. In fact, TwoMotifs, you aren’t the only one to mention that to me. (I did it out of personal preference)

    In my first update to the theme, I think I will make the change to "categories" from "tags" while leaving the styles for "tags" within the CSS file (for the icon)…then I can just have a brief description in the readme file on how to convert "categories" to "tags" for those that prefer it that way.

    Thanks for the input.


    I just noticed something else: when I press the “print” button and then cancel the print page, it goes back to the homepage instead of staying on the existing page.

    Oops, that’s an oversight on my part…I have a link to the homepage on that icon. I will fix this in the upcoming update, but if you want to quickly fix it for yourself you can replace <?php bloginfo('url'); ?> with # on line 35 of the header.php file. Thanks TwoMotifs.

    For the coders:
    I’m almost positive I need to keep the anchor with the printer icon as IE does not respond to :hover well on elements that are not anchors…without some javascript anyways.

    If anyone knows a better solution, feel free to say so.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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