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    After much blood, sweat and tears my new template is done. Ok, so the last new template only lasted me for a few weeks… that’s just how I am. 🙂 I had to really fight with IE, Opera and Firefox (yes, even your precious Mozilla creature lays out some CSS steamers).

    Let me know your cerebral energies on this one. (moshu, vkaryl… you guys, too 😉

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  • I like it. Personally I’m more into brightly coloured sites, but I think the thing that strikes me about your site is that it doesn’t look like a WordPress blog at first glance.

    I’d be pretty proud of that acheivement. Rounded corners were a nice touch too btw.

    Neat! I like the little splashes of bright colors, they’re neither blinding nor overbearing, but add just enough “pop” so the site isn’t “blah.”

    I think the font color in the top box of the right sidebar could be a bit lighter to make it easier to read, though, personally, like the same color as what you’re using in your post entries.

    Saturday afternoon/evening, after a good meal and a glass of wine – no cerebral energy 🙂
    Well, the colours probably aren’t the favourites for an older guy like myself, but the theme is nicely done. Even if I wouldn’t use I can appreciate if a theme has a “personality”.
    Oh, and I like those little coloured “boxes” in the left-top nav.

    Hey WarAxe! Now THAT is one cool theme! And I’m not normally liking dark, but yours is greyish not black, and matte instead of shiny…. about the only thing I’m NOT fond of is the header graphic.

    So I really need this theme for a 2.0 blog I have. Are you going to release it? I will understand if not, but NightWizardry really needs it or something similar, and I’ve not the time right now to do another of my own….

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’m still tweaking and adjusting so this sure helps.

    vkaryl – you flatter 🙂 I was toying with the idea of creating a public version that was very similar (not exact, though… that’s too weird…) so it’s be cool if I new a little more about what NightWizardry was looking for.

    Oops, that last line was supposed to read “…so it’d be cool if I knew…”. Must’ve been tired.

    vkaryl – Do you moderator-types have a direct messaging capability on here… or am I lookin’ at it. 🙂

    Wow. I absolutely love it. Very well done!

    Nope – no pm stuff on here. I think the capability may exist in the bbpress software, but it’s not implemented here.

    You can take a look at nightwiz here: – it’s at the moment only another one of my test sites (this one for 2.0), but I’ve always been either Darkmoon or Silvermoon in RPGs and CRPGs, so it’ll probably morph over time into something to do with games….

    very cool! I like all the info in the sidebars and such!

    Wow! Thanks everyone for your kind comments and feedback. Since I posted last I made the whole thing expandable in all major browsers. This was a painful chore I could not have accomplished without the help of guidance on The site now has a minumum threshold size above which the center column will expand so the whole site fits nicely in a browser window.

    Ok, ok. I admit it. After last night I was ready to delete Internet Explorer off my computer… it really is horrible for CSS. The hacks I had to use to accomplish what I did were excruciating (sp?) to anyone who has had formal computer programming education. The only salve is that hacks are how you get the stuff to work in the industry (real world). 🙂 …so I was a bit used to it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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