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  • Very nice job ๐Ÿ™‚ to bad about the color sheme.. its not on my taste ๐Ÿ™

    gonna download and try to mess a bit with him ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the good job.

    Now found a header image, is this better?

    It’s okay – although I’m not sure what a lake has to do with coffee… The header image is nice, but doesn’t fit the theme’s colors.

    On the colors – they look more like OLD coffee and cream… kind of greyish… Try going to to help choose the right mix of colors for what you’re trying to achieve… here’s a list of schemes that use the word “coffee” –

    thanks ladydelaluna,

    I do have a header image of coffee beans but I thought it would be nice having a coffee at the shore enjoying the sunset…..OK I’ll go for matching colors.

    It would be wonderful to have coffee at the shore enjoying the sunset!! But the rest of the site doesn’t make me feel the “coffee” part, that’s all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would try the coffee colors, and pull ONE color from the pic (if you’re really set on using it for this theme) as an accent color.

    Don’t forget that you can change bullets and other images too – use coffee type images with your color switches, and maybe it might feel more like “coffee at the shore enjoying the sunset” – does that make sense?

    I’m not trying to be mean or anything… please don’t take it that way!

    By the way, Kaushal Sheth just released this theme using the same template check it out here

    His theme looks near 100% the original template by Arcsin.

    Okay – Kaushal is STATING that the theme he’s got there IS by Arcsin. Kaushal does have themes by other people on his site for downloading (he does this all the time, as a benefit so people can find themes from his site), however he’s man enough to give credit where it’s due, and never claims to have made them if he didn’t.

    YOU however – ripped the theme from Arcsin and come here trying to make us all think that it’s your own just because you changed a few colors and the header, oh and put that ugly sidebar in? You even ripped the theme name, background, and more than half of the other images.


    I missed your little “credit” at the bottom of the site before – however that doesn’t excuse your coming HERE pretending that you did this whole thing by scratch yourself… nevermind the fact that you uglified the original…

    Thanks I’m learning like many of us coming here to this forum. In addition to the “little credit” at the footer (I learnt this from others as well) I did say in this post the template is from Arcsin, and in this post that codes are “mostly” from Kubrick. I acknowledged where I got the header image in here and also at the footer where I’m using it. Also you don’t like the sidebar I also said it was a design originally by fauxzen which I also mentioned here

    I just what to share what I have done. I’m sure I can’t do anything original but that doesn’t stop me from blending designs and share it here. If you think I have uglified Arcsin’s design….fine I’ll be learning from you.

    If there is a better/proper way to acknowledge original designs I’ll be glad to follow. Is it in the codex by the way?

    You didn’t say it here.
    I shouldn’t have to hunt through your site to find your sources when you post here in the forums as you did.

    Your exact words: “Just finished a theme…”

    That would lead one to believe that YOU started it, and YOU finished it. NOT that you found another theme, changed a few things, and have decided that you want feedback.

    Yes, I think you uglified the original. Comparitively, the color changes and the header image, as well as the sidebar. I much prefer the original.

    I have nothing against people modding themes to get new ones out of them. I have HUGE problems with people tweaking 2 or 3 things and trying to call it something new when it’s clearly a rip of a much better designed original.

    The codex doesn’t cover common courtesy and honesty. That’s the sort of thing your parents are supposed to teach you.

    I’ll do it better next time, thanks for the teaching. I provided a link to my post which I described what I did, in particular I said there “The template isnโ€™t mine, credits in the footer and codes are mostly from WPโ€™s default Kubrick theme. The sidebar codes are inspired by Fauxzenโ€™s NewZen theme”.

    I said I finished something I didn’t say it was “my original work”, may be I should have said “I finished modding …..” etc.

    Enough said.

    Looks very nice , especialy the dropdown … congratulation !

    dont forget to fix the errors :d

    Failed validation, 60 errors

    We all make mistakes.
    And I think “sfong15” realized what he did wrong.
    For what it’s worth, sfong15, I think you did a great job modifying that theme.
    And thanks for sharing it.

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