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  • My new business website content-management-style (as opposed to blog) theme:

    It’s very similar to

    Two innovations in this theme:

    1. Free-reprint template, a link to which is at the bottom of every post.

    2. Site map template:

    Selling points of this template:

    1. Optimized for conversions:

    a. prominent boxes for advertisements, forms, or offers, b. without cumbersome navigation bars that can distract the visitor from converting
    c. fixed-width, flush-left design that accomodates the way the eye looks at a computer monitor

    2. Search-engine optimized:

    c. posts’ content is at the top of the page, thanks to CSS positioning
    b. light on code, with 100% CSS layout; the idea is that having less code makes the content more prominent
    c. reprint tool helps to get links from reprints

    3. Fast-loading:

    a. only one essential image, and one optional included image
    b. 99% external CSS

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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  • I notice a small but distinct Internet Explorer bias in the layout.

    Viewing the theme in Firefox or Opera, an overlap occurs on the footer with the (for lack of a better name) credit card box in the home page template, and (Firefox only) the sidebar on your sitemap Page.

    I’m not sure what you mean by overlap in FF; the only overlap I’ve encountered is in IE, which I address below.

    Note: correct me if I’m not addressing what you’re talking about.

    My response is:

    In the real world, that won’t happen, because as soon as you have any posts with any excerpts, the content pushes the floating divs further down the page so it straightens itself out.

    I had thought of coming up with some workaround for making it look good without content, but that would be introducing a lot of bloat for the sake of something that won’t happen in the real world.

    I’ve just made the theme available for download:

    Thanks to all the people who have checked out the theme (over 200).

    However, I’d really like some comments on it. I’d really appreciate it if you could post your comments here or on:



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