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  • I just added automatic updates as well as a couple other features to this theme. Now if there is an update available to the theme, it will display an alert on your website telling you (as long as you’re logged in as administrator)

    Just thought I’d let you all know.

    Nice. Too dark for me, though the graphics lighten it up some….

    We’re not going to agree about JD, though!

    Ooooooh a yankees fan I see.

    Thanks for checking out the theme! I hope to make more so give me some suggestions.

    Well, I actually like the layout. It’s very clean and easy to use. A lighter look would be more of a draw for me. I’m just not into dark – when you get as old as I am, dark is really hard to read. And that’s fine, though, because of course, I could always grab your theme and make it fit “me”, since I do webdesign myself and changing the colors etc in a wp theme is no mystery to me.

    That’s the thing you want to key on: flex. You want your theme to be able in essence to be all things to all people. You want to comment your css so folks can easily see where tweaks are able to be done without harm. You don’t want your font sizes to be so solidified into the way the theme displays that no one can increase them without seriously borking the theme.

    Fine line and balancing act…. but y’know, wp themes are one of the most fun things around!

    [Yankees, Dodgers, Cowboys, 49’ers…. they’re mine, I love them regardless…. grew up through the 60s on them and will never give them up….]

    I have it running on my site in white:
    Use the themeswithcher to apply the Automaticmidnight theme *S*

    I realy like it in white! Allthough I’m a “allways wearing black” person I like my blog to be not so dark hehe

    As far as I can tell my theme works in WordPress 2.0.

    I can’t read the URLs of “Pages” and “Popular” without highlighting. Ah, I noticed the text on the upper right, can’t read it either. Now I noticed the footer, it’s funny how things start to appear =P

    Good job anyways, I like the idea.

    Damn refreshing, feel free to delete the two posts below.

    most likely due to your monitor…if you have a low quality monitor or its not calibrated correctly, dark grays will be black.

    Yep it does work smoothly in WP2!

    I really like it, although I’d prefer a bit larger text since it’s white on black.




    i love this theme..
    its seems to be working fine for me…….
    I have already upgraded to 2.0



    Yes very nice, when I see the word simple I thought this will be ok for me… ;-)I have no idea as to the workings of wordpress and themes, just if it works or not, when I installed the theme I had an error pop up which said…

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/edited/public_html/blogs/wp-content/themes/automaticmidnight/sidebar.php on line 29

    Not using wp v2.0




    I have to say that I really, really like this theme. There are few that I can say that…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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