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  • I’ve just seen Spencerp’s thread on his new theme: Andrea08.

    For the sake of faciliating download, I’ve made available the theme for viewing pleasure: Andrea08.

    Please note, unless someone can advise me which best practice to adopt in order to offer this theme for continual viewing pleasure, this will only be temporary.
    Until spencerp fixes what he’s unfixed and then takes over displaying rights…

    Otherwise – for those who can’t wait for Santa, you can download it here: Andrea08

    What Andrea08 offers
    3 column centered fixed design, with emphasis on blue and white color theme. I did not design this theme in any way shape or form, nor do I take the hearty congratulations for its original concept.

    I did, however, clean the files considerably, alter the html & php code somewhat, so the final output supports wordpress functionality. I also created a single.php so single post entries can be displayed instead of reverting back to the main index.php

    In the zip folder you’ll find: header, footer, index, single, sidebar, comments, comment-popups. Obviously, some tweaking will need to occur given that not all browsers are equal.

    I have tested this theme thoroughly in IE6, FF, Opera, Net, Moz and it displays properly and neatly. I’m currently running the following plugins, which haven’t distorted the display in any fashion:

    Spam Karma 2 & Stats
    Bad Behavior & Stats
    Paged Editing Comments
    Enchanced Post Listings
    Post template by Category
    Preview Drafts
    Show On Front Page
    Smiletag Shoutbox
    Subscribe to Comments
    WP Category Posts

    Caveat: I am NOT after feedback, as I mentioned above this theme is not mine. I did not “design” any file, per se. Why re-invent the wheel when it works just nicely as it is?

    I did change things around, and place appropriate php code to bring files into play. That’s it. Oh, I also styled some elements, so if you have major problems, you’ll need to speak with spencerp, and I guess he can speak with me… [sigh]

    Lastly, if you have any problems downloading the file, just holler (in lowercase, please)

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  • Damn – that download link is here – sorry everyone.

    download Andrea08 here

    It’s OK. The theme looks excellent. Cheers for that 🙂

    Thank you very much for this!!!!!!!

    Could you try your hand on the Andreas03 template?
    I just would love to have that for my blog hehe

    nice work!

    “I did change things around, and place appropriate php code to bring files into play. That’s it. Oh, I also styled some elements, so if you have major problems, you’ll need to speak with spencerp, and I guess he can speak with me… [sigh] “

    Hahaha….and she [sighs].. It is kinda just hard to “speak” about everything via email which you had said in the one email. I wish messengers would just be more anti-trojan and anti-spyware protected. Anyway..I have done some tweaking here and there, but not just to make it worse, but to get it ready for use for main blog.

    However, I have basically just installed the same plugins as Kate said above… well, most of them on the version 2.0 RC3 blog that is. And of course she still has my login information for the test blog and can do whatever she’d like. =) I’ll have to get in there and look again, and see what crap I threw around..sigh. But, thanks again for the fixing of the files and placing a download link for everyone Kate. =)


    UPDATE: I just uploaded the version she supplied, but for some reason it’s still not right in the footer. I thought it might have been IE6 just being a piece of shit, but maybe it’s the plugins or something… Anyway, here is a screenshot of what I see.

    I have even deactivated most all the plugins and the stupid pages and still see no improvement. Still looks like shit like in that image…..WTF!! GOD DAMN IT LOL!!

    Kate, can you maybe go into the control panel and take a look lol!? You still have my login informations I gather hehe. It’s up to you really…Thanks… =) I’m just tired of messing with it lmao!!


    < ———————————- end of update ————————— >

    Oh screw it lmao!! I’m just going to pick another theme, and remove that Andreas08 theme totally…. then reupload the version she supplied LOL! Would be so much more easier hahaha…damn I wish I had beer sigh.. So if anyone is coming in on that test blog, it might not be just right, right away… please be patient. =)


    P.S. It really isn’t that screwy, but just for the difference of the footer in the IE browser compared to Firefox.. mmm..

    Ok – had a look at your snapshot – sorry, spencerp, but what exactly is the problem? The theme outputs 3 col centered width fixed design, with an outer border around the entire display. In your snapshot I can’t seen anything abnormal, but I could be wrong.

    Can you let me know what is wrong in the display? And I’ll try to fix it.

    Does anyone else have problems with the display in IE6?

    Kate, just sent a reply email to you. You can take a look and do whatever you’d like. =) And here is another snap shot of the header, to be able to see the difference. Well, you even said about it in the email lmao!! But I’ll show a snap shot anyways so ppl can see what I’m talking about.

    That gap for the BOTTOM goes bye bye, in IE6, but both bottom and top gaps are ok in FF. I dunno..all this crap makes me wanna drink.. well I do get paid tomorrow…mmm, thinks it’s time for some MOLSEN “TRIPLE” XXX!! LOL!


    Katie, great work!
    It’s pretty and clean indeed. I love it.
    Just one question thought. It looks like a 2 column theme to me. Isn’t it ?
    I find styles for header, content, sidebar, footer.
    Do you think it would be easy to set it up like “leftsidebar-content-rightsidebar” ?

    Thanks a lot.

    Wonderful work! I hope you send this to Andreas so he can post it on for everyones enjoymend!! 🙂

    Thanks everyone for the postive feedback but honestly, I didn’t really do anything that grand.

    @sren – unfortunately, as I stated before, this isn’t my theme – all I did was clean it up. Again, thanks for the nice cleaning comment; its truely appreicated.

    I suppose if one was to “look” past the front page, then yes, it would indeed be classified as a 2 column theme unless one was to keep the overall design and transport it into a single.php, which I didn’t do for the sake of everyone’s sanity, as well as my own.

    As for deliberately coding css: #leftsidebar – #rightsidebar, I didn’t want to venture too much into the actual design as:

    1) it wasn’t mine to own or muck around with
    2)spencerp only wanted format help not a total redesign
    3) this is/was a labor of love only
    4) I really didn’t have the time, then, to delve any deeper.

    I do agree with you that there’s certain aspects about the theme which left me scratching my head. Some catch-calls wouldn’t necessarily be the way I’d name things, or even code things, or even bring things into play, but again, it wasn’t mine to destroy and rebuild.

    @spencerp – your margin problems have been fixed. I sent you an email advising what I did.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    kate, you’re still that wonderful doll… =) I wasn’t trying to be “picky” for myself and the theme being my “own” the whole ordeal was really being fixed for the “original” template at hand, for those that wanted this to be a WordPress theme.

    I know I was a pain in the ass to you Kate, but really it’s the original template maker’s template being half-assly done, if “we” can’t fix it for release as a theme. You know what I mean…? As an example: Andreas08 template was out on the market for anyone’s redoing, but they don’t redo it just right….. what does that say.. It’s just a template that was quickly redone to please everyone.

    Where, Kate, has redone all Brett’s files to make it right, in every Browsers. I really don’t give two shits in the wind about what i do to mine, but it’s all about the ppl getting the ORIGINAL DESIGN into a WORDPRESS Theme…


    P.S. The original design is Andreas, the ppl that make his templates into WordPress themes are awesome. And Kate is one of them!!!! I wasn’t being ignorant to you Kate above, but praising you….

    I have a couple questions/comments about the Andreas08 template for WP, specifically the comment part of it. First off, if anyone changes the popup comments php and css files to better fit the theme they should post their changes here if they are comfortable doing so. I have tried for a while to get the comment part of this template to look just right but my skills are limited and it shows. Specifcally, does anyone know how to change where the comments popup appears on the page when someone wants to make a comment? On my template at ( it appears very far down the page leaving a lot of whitespace between the comment and the popup. By the way, thanks to everyone who has contributed. I’m new to all this and you guys have been providing a lot of help.




    Sorry it took so long to reply Alex…just been really busy. I know what you’re talking about. I was going to ask Kate about that myself then. Off hand I’m not really sure what to do with it, I haven’t really looked at the coding lately..

    Kate is the one that did ALOT of the file changes and improvements. =) So maybe if she swings back around in here, or if someone else can throw their two cents on it, that would be great. =) And I think it would be awesome for people to throw their ideas and thoughts around on this template and or any changes that they may have done with it. =)

    It’s really awesome to, that this theme works just fine with WordPress Version 2.0. Which reminds me again, I gotta alot to do with my theme before Feb… Thanks for your replies and hopefully we can get this straightened out then… =)


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