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  • Been working on a new site for a bit now. I’d love to hear any suggestions/ideas to improve it.

    Thanks in advance!!

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  • Simple and Wide… and SIDEBAR CUTE EFFECT

    Thank you!

    Any other suggestions? I have been looking for some professional type plugins too.


    If this is your personal blog, make it look personal. Like this it’s one of these anonymous templates.

    i like it, one thing though is the white at the very bottom, i’d prefer it if the footer was just the blue and black…
    it just reminds me of when you get the divs wrong and something comes after the footer.

    what sort of plugins were you looking for…pro doesnt really describe it!! Newsletter sign up? e-commerce?

    Yeah, I’ve tried to keep it anonymous on purpose. I’m not a huge fan of “branding” really.

    as far as plugins go, just anything that is a good plugin. ones that really enhance the look, feel and appeal of the site. It could be something really simple or complex. Newsletter signups would be good, thanks!

    “I’ve tried to keep it anonymous on purpose. I’m not a huge fan of “branding” really.

    as far as plugins go . . . anything . . . that really enhance[s] the look, feel and appeal of the site.”

    So, you’re looking to enhance the appearance and the appeal of anonymity?

    No, i’m looking to enhance the look and feel of the site. This isn’t going to be a personal site. Yes, eventually there will be some sort of logo on it, but I’m speaking in general terms. I’m creating a theme that I intend to share. One that others could mod with/add their own personal touches rather than having remove all the extra stuff I may have added. Other than a few things with graphics, the theme is pretty much done. I’m mainly asking others their opinion on it and what features do they typically like to see on sites they visit.


    Still working on some of the graphic display in IE, but I did take that footer suggestion to heart and fixed that.

    Thank you!!

    Well… I think that I am almost done with everything, just a few more ideas runnin’ through my noggen. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Once you see the site you can get an idea of what kind of site it is. So if there are any plugins you think would be beneficial or worth the install, please lemme know about ’em.

    Again, the site is

    Thank you!!




    I find it sterile. I agree with the poster above that it looks like something ive seen before.. in fact, I would swear..(but maybe not)

    I remember now >>


    1. Theres horizontal scroll in ie7

    2. the tops of the main content area and the sidebar are not at the same height in ie7

    3. The main div doesn’t have rounded corners on top in ie6

    Yeah, I did use some stuff from iTheme, as well as many others. I couldn’t find any single theme that had everything in it that I wanted, so I borrowed the aspects of the ones that had things in them that I liked. Then there are some aspects that I did either do myself or had to figure out how to do. Once I am finished, they all will be given credit where it is due.

    Yeah, I know that there are some differences when viewed in IE. Some, like the rounded corners, I could not get to work correctly. But as long as it is basically the same between browsers, i’m OK with that. What do you think is causing the horizontal scroll in IE7? I only have IE6, never wanted to upgrade since I only use Firefox.

    Any suggestions on what would help to make a little less plain? I have some good reasons as to why I’d prefer it stay somewhat simple (talked about it in my personal blog). But I’m open to suggestions to help it look better. Maybe some more color?

    Hello all!

    I have been actively working on this site and have also been integrating the bbPress forum software provided by our wonderful WordPress developers. I have been able to get things working well with Firefox and the IE look and issues are being addressed.

    Feel free to stop on by and give it a look! I would appreciate any suggestions for the site and any help/suggestions on getting it all set with IE. My coding skills are limited and I am learning more and more as I go.

    I am sure that whooami will find a large diaper load of crap wrong or things she does not like about it, but hey, she’s family and all comments/suggestions are welcome. 🙂




    I am sure that whooami will find a large diaper load of crap wrong or things she does not like about it …


    awwwwe…she’s all tuckered out… couldn’t even make a helpful suggestions before my post knocked her into a coma…

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