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  • Recently i have changed my wordpress theme. But what it is really weird is that in Google Search Control appear 4000 new useless pages with urls to my web (some of them index and some of then not).

    I don´t know what is the problem, but my SEO has been affected.

    Please, i want to have a functional web and now it is a mess.

    thanks you.

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  • What theme? Where did you get it? For themes available from, please post in their support forum. For other themes, you need to ask their support folks.

    Note: What are you using for “Google Search Control“? Is this a plugin? Or did you mean Console?

    Providing the site URL can help us help you better.

    Also, with so many URL’s being generated, it sounds more like your site is compromised with some sort of malware. You should run a security check on the site right away.

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    Sorry, Google Search Console
    The first theme was Mad Magazine, the secon THE7 and the the third (and final) GeneratePress.


    Thank you.

    You appear to be using WPBakery as a page builder and GeneratePress. You should consult each.

    Also, it looks like you are using more than one cache plugin? Sometimes these can leave old lines in .htaccess.

    Did you ever submit your sitemap as generated by Yoast to Google?

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    Hello, thanks for answer.

    I have deleted right now WPBakery because i don’t use it with the new theme.

    About the cache plugins, i use 2 because i use them for differents things (Automptimize for the Java, Css and HTML code, and Wp Super cache to generate Cache). Also, I use Smush for optimize images too.

    And yes, the sitemap of Yoast is send and approved. But there are many urls index that don’t appear in the sitemap.

    Did you ever submit your sitemap as generated by Yoast to Google?

    When? Recently?

    Also, are these “useless pages” still on your website? Or do the URLs lead to a 404 non-existing error page?

    If these pages are active still on your website, can you provide one of the URLs so we can take a look?

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    @swansonphotos yes, recently, 1 July

    @gappiah some of them are in my website and some of them has a 404 error.

    There are indexed like 1000 urls with 404 error.

    And there are like 6000 urls don’t index but they exist in my web, the most of them are new and i don´t know why they appeared in one single day. The webs that there existe yet in the website are duplicate, feeds, caches, the images’s gallery…

    For example:

    I don´t know why one post has a page 151? What that means?

    Other example:

    Dates? Why?

    It’s a mess 🙁

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