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  • I want it!!!!

    Excellent theme. One of the best Ive seen so far

    Hello Dewall,

    Thank you 🙂

    Please contact me off-forum and let’s see what we can work out.


    I have been nicely surpised by all of the off-forum feedback I’ve gotten regarding my “Green-Beast” theme. I have been asked to make it available as an official downloadable WP theme. The theme also requires PHP and XHTML modifications to make it all work. I wanted to contact a WP Staffer but found no direct way of doing so.

    Can a WP Staffer contact me regarding this (if interested) or provide me with a direct means of contact? Thank you.


    Oooooooooooh I love it!
    I hope you can make it available as a theme for all to download.
    Very nice.



    Oooooooooooh I love it!
    I hope you can make it available as a theme for all to download.
    Very nice.

    Thank you.

    I want to contact someone from WordPress about doing just that, but I couldn’t find a means of contact. I’m hoping a stafer will see this post.




    Why do you need to contact one of the developers? You can offer a theme for download without contacting the developers. You can list it in the Codex without a developer.

    Did you make changes to the WP Core? If it requires changes to the WP core, you can post a disclaimer on your site with instructions of how to do it.



    Okay. That’s cool. I did make contact finally (on the themes page I found a form). I’m not familiar with the process is all, and indeed I would have to provide instructions due to a few added classes and IDs. The changes occur mostly in the theme files’ mark-up, unless I’d offer those with the theme.

    See, I don’t how it works. 🙂




    If they’re within the theme structure:


    Then inlude it in the theme for download.

    If not, and the files that need to be edited are outside of the theme directory, then tell users which files they need to edit…and don’t forget a warninng, something along the lines of: “warning! using this theme requires editing of the wordpress core!”



    Oh do share it!
    I think it’d be a HUGE hit…
    I love it cause it’s so clean and sharp!
    Keep us posted…




    I agree what a nice clean theme..
    Great work.



    Thanks guys.

    I’m terribly busy right now (in a nice way) but it’s on my to-do list. All the editing is done within the theme files so that’s cool. There is one new file, a JavaScript file, which gets added to the main directory (to allow form field focus to work in IE), but as I’m learning, this should all be quite doable.

    Once concern, being that the banner is an image, is how to make it so people can use the image, yet change the name. One thought was to put the native *.png in the download to make it easy for people to alter the existing image if they choose to go that way, then export it as a *.jpg themselves. The text h1 heading would still be there, but it is underneath the background so it only shows if images are disabled. The biline is removed, or moved rather, to the “title” atribute of the H1 link.

    Does this sound reasonable, or is this too much for folks to deal with? The imagery and whatnot makes it more complex for someone off the street who doesn’t work with imagery. I know these things are supposed to be pretty much plug-n-play. Perhaps this would be something for the warning and documentation.

    Thank you in advance for any input you guys may have. Bummer I still haven’t heard from the staff. These things take time I guess. :-/




    I think that your suggestion of putting at png-file is fully reasonable. I you also document how to disable the image for the “non tchnical”, it is pretty much “plug and play”.



    I have to repeat what techwench said above: to publish, share, offer a theme you don’t need to contact the developers. Let them deal with the development of the core files 🙂
    You just have to make a post here about the availability of the theme. Write a nice readme with instructions and pack everything in a .zip file – and post it to your blog. That’s how it works. If you are unfamiliar with the Codex, some good soul will help you to post it in the themes list there.



    Good news guys. I’m working on re-skinning someone’s blog now with the “Beast-Blog” theme (with their colors and images). In doing so I have been going through everything making sure it’ll all be plug-n-play, and novice freindly — moreso in fact, if I’m doing this right 🙂

    In other words I’m really close to releasing it (and I’ll likely make a zip downloadable from my site until it can be posted officially). But, I have run into a couple of things I’m hoping you guys will help me with.

    I am using the default template, but I want to make an official template called Beast Blog, selectable in the Admin CP (that way one can keep “default” as in). However, if I create a folder called Beast Blog I cannot access the files (CSS, images, etc.) when that style is selected. Moreover, what I want to add the data (Title, Author, Description, Etc.), but I cannot find where to plug in that data, even though I found the admin file which pulls it in.

    Second question: How do I write the path to the theme folder from header.php. The CSS is done like so.

    <?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>

    Being that I want to keep this as plug-n-play and as extensible as possible, I prefer not to add wp-content/themes/beastblog/ to the file path (I want to bring the JS file into the theme folder.

    Thank you very much.

    Thank, Mike




    Look in the Codex under template tags for blog_info or something like that…. there’s a setting that can be used to retrieve the template folder.


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