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  • looks like spiderman still….

    use the theme swither to Sunset then!

    What is the Thumbs.db file for?

    Not sure how it got in there but just delete it. I will remove it from the zip thanks for the heads up!

    Very nice! I kind of like the mini blinds effect. Makes me feel like I’m looking out my window. I wish I had that view!


    Another thing to consider, I was just looking through the CSS file, and as you have it now, the url for the header image and background image are both pointing to your site. In other words, they’re not relative paths. This is gonna make it more difficult for people to customise, and it also means your bandwidth is getting hit every time someone loads a blog using this theme.

    There’s also a ton of extranious hard breaks in the CSS file.

    Hope this helps. It’s a nice theme.

    Thanks I will change the path and put in a sub folder images. Not sure what you mean by this “extranious hard breaks”

    dawg, I like that – going to be my “summer” theme…. will just fix the links to the images and the feeds and I will be a happy camper!

    Thanks vkaryl, mambean, and hesed2. I had done it once this morning and in confusion loaded the wrong css file from server and resaved to server the Spiderman css file so I had to start all over again. Now I am not sure which was better the first which is gone forever or what is current.

    Don’t you just hate that? It’s so confusing when you’re looking at two or three versions with the same names. Been there done that one…. over and over and over….

    But this one is really nice. Only problem I’m having is that the sidebar doesn’t expand downward on the post pages (if you click the title of the post, I mean). Probably wasn’t as obvious until I added in Shire Reckoning 2, the calendar, and Jeremiah’s Weather Plugin to the sidebar, plus one of Firefox’s “Take back the web” buttons…. and it will get worse when I get all my links in there! I’m still digging in the CSS to see if I can tweak the sidebar situation….

    Ok I had it floated at one time but IE did not like it FF floated it perfectly. I will take a look at this also. Let me know where I can check it out!

    thumbs.db is generated by Windows when you view the contents of a folder as thumbnails. It’s a cache file so Windows doesn’t have to generate the thumbs each time. It can be deleted without problem.

    i’m not sure about the background. i certainly thought of mini blinds when i first saw it but it definitely looks better than a plain background. yup, i think it’s cool. good job!

    Yeah the min-blinds thing kinda happened by accident, I cropped out a small piece of sun from the pic and ended up with it and decided I liked it, at first I was not sure though. Thanks Ming

    You can see what I mean at and select the Sunset theme. Then click on any post title to go to the permalinked page….

    Cool I like the sun, nice added touch, I see what you mean, I will play around with adding the sidebar in the index or another file, I think it may be wgere its placed verus the css. Let me know if you find a fix.

    Or maybe better yet I will just include the sidebar on index only.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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