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  • I recently switched gateway settings in PMPro from Paypal Express to Paypal Standard (no settings were changed with the Paypal account itself).

    Ever since the switch, new subscriptions are immediately cancelled after being created. The sequence in the PayPal recent activity log is: Created, Completed, Cancelled. Existing subscriptions seem to be working fine.

    Any ideas what might be causing this problem? This situation is unfortunately creating quite a headache for my client.

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  • Update your account with PayPal to reflect the change from Express to Standard and all associated key settings, and let me know if that resolves the issue.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the quick response. The paypal account is and always has been set up as a Standard account. I was previously using the Express PMPro gateway by accident (and it was working, for the most part), but switched the gateway to Standard when I realized the configuration error. Thats when the cancellation issue started.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Carla, it sounds like there may be a break in PayPal Standard working.

    What is happening:

    * when someone checks out, PMPro cancels their old membership and subscription.

    * Then it gives them a new membership/subscription for the new checkout.

    With PayPal Standard, this is not immediate (the main downside to using PayPal Standard). You need to wait for the payment to process, it can take a couple seconds or a couple hours.

    And if there is a bug with how you have PayPal integrated with your site (typically the email address in the PMPro settings might not match those in PayPal) it might fail. Check paid-memberships-pro/logs/ipn.txt for info on what might be breaking on your site.

    Thanks again for the quick response. Ther logs/ipn.txt shows no problems.
    It contains correct-looking request dumps followed by FP! / VERIFIED / New order (xxx) created.

    The integration email for PayPal in indeed correct. For each brand new subscription (as opposed to subscription modifications), there are the following logs in Paypal:

    Jun 7, 2013 Canceled User requested cancel.
    Jun 7, 2013 Created

    It seems like it might be some kind of message ordering issue? The cancel is being received after the create request?

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Yeah that might just be the cancellation of the old subscription if someone is changing levels or checking out again for the same level.

    Which makes sense with PayPal Standard. New order goes through. Then PP tells your site to change their level. Their level is changed. At that point, the old subscription is cancelled.

    The only thing is, that the user is not cancelling the membership themselves. The plugin is cancelling brand new memberships (as opposed to changes in levels) for brand new users right after they are created.

    Hi Carla,

    With PayPal there are cancellations of the old level, then purchases of the new level.

    If you are looking at the logs if may appear that a member is cancelled, but can you verify that they are in fact cancelled completely or do they have access to the new level?

    If you sign up for support and send Jason your login and FTP info he can get this squared away for you

    Hi Lisa, yes I can confirm that the user has the correct access on the wordpress side of things. The problem is that the recurring subscription profile has been cancelled directly after it was created, so my client correctly collects the initial payment, but then will go on to receive no future payments.

    Hi Carla,

    Best to contact Jason directly so he help you resolve.

    @digitalcarta, we had similar issues and a less-optimal user checkout flow with PMPro set to the PayPal Standard gateway. We’re using PMPro set to the PayPal Express gateway even though our PayPal account is technically a “Standard” account type – which is what you were running inadvertently before, it sounds like – and all works (relatively) fine for us. So you might consider just switching back to the PayPal Express gateway in PMPro to see if the issues go away.

    Good to know, @essaysnark. Thanks for contributing your experience. Unfortunately switching back to Express would mean that we lose the ability for users to checkout without having a PayPal account (using a credit card).

    I’ve been in contact with the developer and it sounds like some bugfixes to the Standard gateway option are forthcoming, so fingers crossed that the update solves this problem as well.

    Hi Carla,

    I did remind Jason of this, and he is working on the update.

    Unfortunately some of these issues are due to how PayPal IPN systems work which he has no control over, so doing the best he can to create a solution.

    If you are located in the US or Canada, you may want to consider using Stripe, which has the same rates as PayPal and makes checkout much easier. You can accept all of the major credit cards.

    Hi Carla,

    Please update to 1.7 and let me know if this resolves your issue.


    Thanks Lisa, I’ve updated the plugin and will keep an eye on things over the next few days and report back so this issue can be marked as resolved.

    Hi Carla – everything working OK now?

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