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  • I have just completed my first plugin for WordPress.
    It is called ‘Subscriber’ and it allows for people to subscribe to your weblog. It uses a flat-file to store the email addresses and allows people to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves as well as letting you send them an email independant of WP.
    It is currently version 1.0 and has been tested only on WP1.2
    More information and the download can be found at this link.
    I realise there are similar other mailing-list/subscriber type plugins out there, but neither did exactly what I wanted so I designed my own. Hope it is of use to somebody 🙂

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  • Yeah, I’d like the same thing. It should be fairly simple, shouldn’t it? Like adding a piece of code if (category != 1) {return}; or something. I just don’t know what the variable with the category id is called at the point that the plugin kicks in.

    Hi everybody,
    I have been remiss in keeping this plugin updated – obviously there are other things in life that have priority. I will, however, soon set about including as many (if not all) the requests that have been made in this thread and your emails:

    1. Bounceback feature
    2. HTML output option
    3. increase list security
    4. Self email option
    5. bulk update in one email after xx days
    6. Send email only on certain categories
    7. Include excerpt option

    I shall endevour to have this updated by X-mas time – but no promises.
    Another thing to note is that I have chosen (at this point) to remain at WP1.2, so any I won’t be held accountable for any incompatibilites with 1.3 on.

    This is great news. I will keep my eye out for the update!

    Really great news seriocomic, and thanks for this Christmas-Gift…

    is it possible to code it so that it works with the EzStatic plugin? Then it is not required to maintain 2 copies of the code in your index file. I got mine to work using EzStatic, but I cannot access the admin page of the mailer.php with the password….
    ^^ EzStatic plugin above in case it is needed…

    I can’t get it to work. I keep getting this error: “The list data file could not be opened. Check the path and permissions” opening the mailer file ( I have tried all sorts of paths in the string $filelocation in the mailer.php file but it does not help. The list.dat.php file is stored as well in and has chmod 777.

    Hello – has this been updated to 1.5? Or are there other newer newsletter programs?

    This plugin is no longer supported or in development.

Viewing 9 replies - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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