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  • I have just completed my first plugin for WordPress.
    It is called ‘Subscriber’ and it allows for people to subscribe to your weblog. It uses a flat-file to store the email addresses and allows people to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves as well as letting you send them an email independant of WP.
    It is currently version 1.0 and has been tested only on WP1.2
    More information and the download can be found at this link.
    I realise there are similar other mailing-list/subscriber type plugins out there, but neither did exactly what I wanted so I designed my own. Hope it is of use to somebody 🙂

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  • This looks great!
    I think I will install it… There are so many configurable settings… I love it…
    Any chance a future update to this plugin will have a bounceback feature?
    thanks so much,

    Thanks very much for this one. Got it translated, formatted to my template, installed and working. Great plugin.

    Looking at my subscribers list, the first line showed empty. Had a look at the list.dat file, which confirmed an empty first line so I deleted it. The result was that my first address showed correctly on line 1, but the following inscriptions shot off the confirmation emails but didn’t show in the list. Started again with an empty first line, and all apparently works well. Is there a reason for the first line needing to be empty?
    I can live with this, but the emails sent out have “httpd” in the “from” line. Is there any way to change this or is it a problem with my host?
    Thanks again for the plugin.

    “It uses a flat-file to store the email addresses”

    Frenchie91: Do you mean the there is a blank line at the top of your list.dat? If so, I don’t beleive there is any specific reason for it to work this way. My list.dat has no empty lines.
    Be carefull in what program you edit list.dat in. The script relies on the \n newline indicator to seperate the addresses.
    The only reason I can think of that you’re emails have “httpd” in them is that the settings were incorrectly entered.
    Feel free to contact me via my website directly if you continue to have issues and I will try and work through them with you.
    Anonymouse: It’s only v1.0. Table entries or some other method might come along later. 🙂

    The plugin is nice, but when I try to send a seperate e-mail to my test-subscribers (i.e. from the “Newsletters Editor” in /mailer.php?pw=P.A.S.S.W.O.R.D, I get a rebound to my original e-mail with the following info:
    A message that you sent contained no recipient addresses, and therefore no
    delivery could be attempted.
    —— This is a copy of your message, including all the headers. ——
    Subject: test
    From: “My Blog’s Name” <>
    Message-Id: <>
    Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 06:13:48 +0300
    NOTE: The information above has been altered from the original.
    Anyone else noticing this or is it just me? Have I done something wrong? Any way to fix it?

    Hi, Me again (Sid), just an update/mis-understanding by me, the mail is actually sent when I do that, however I get a bounce back too.
    Is there any way to fix the bounce?

    (finally registered)
    Sorry to be posting 3 times in a row, alongside the bounce (it gets delivered though as I mentioned above), when I send a message, it comes up with “Message Sent!” and a preview of my e-mail in HTML.
    But when I receive it (to my own-test-address), the html doesn’t seem to work and it just shows the source. Any idea why? Does it support HTML?

    There is obviously an issue with either the Sendmail function on your server or the settings that you have entered in the setup. (however, testing was rather on the light side so I may have missed something)
    And unless you configure the headers to reflect the correct MIME type, then the email will be in plain-text. The output shown to you comes out as HTML because it merely repeats the information you entered.
    HTML output maybe looked at in later additions.
    If you are still having problems, then contact me via my website so I can look at the settings to both the mailer.php and subscriber.php files.

    Hi seriomatic!
    I have some trouble to get this plugin working. I installed it following your instructions. The subscription page works, also can I send mails to the subscribed adresses from the newsletter editor. But when I post a new article in wordpress, nothing happens. Have I to do something aditional besides activate the plugin?
    thanks for the plugin anyway
    cheers, dzubi

    I have only tested this plugin on 1.2 mingus. What version of wp are you using?
    Have you set the variables in subscriber OK?
    Also, sometimes, if you make an post using the advanced editor in the admin area, and not click “Publish” then it might not send out.

    ah my fault! I changed in mailer.php the filename of list.dat, but forgot to change it in subscriber.php. Now it works fine 🙂

    You are a beautiful, beautiful man! Thank you! Now WordPress completely beats out MovableType. (The MT subscription model was the only thing I’ve missed.)
    Two issues, though. After I got it running on my blog, I set to putting it up on my friend’s blog, which I host in a subdirectory. The “go back to blog” link defaulted to the home directory (my blog) and not to his. I went through and manually changed the six or eight places in mailer.php, so it was no problem. But that might be trouble for others.
    Second, I noticed a comment about the .dat being insecure and needing to be changed to .dat.php. Is this so?

    Chutney: Thanks, yes, this first release is has security issues with which _mf_ is helping me with so adhere to his warning advisory.
    I will change that link in 1.1 too… 🙂

    I can manager subscribers, but when and author post a new article
    , nothing happens. Can anybody help me?.

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