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  • @digitalbyjess,

    In Subscribe2->Settings under Appearance change the drop down option where it says “Set default Subscribe2 page as ID” to the page title of your Subscribe page.

    You will also need to do the same thing in the widget Settings on the Appearance->Widgets page within WordPress.

    @mattyrob, thank you for the response!

    Subscribe2 > Settings > Appearance already has the page title of the Subscribe page selected. In fact, it is the only available option.

    However, I do not see where there are widget settings with that option. What am I missing?


    If you are using the built in Widget (enabled on the Subscribe2->Setting page) it should be in the Widget with you click on it on the sidebar area to open it up for the settings.

    Ah, I was not using the built-in widget. I’m using it now, and it works. Thank you kindly!


    You are very welcome – I’m glad it’s now working.

    At first i didn’t understand what exactly the “Set default Subscribe2 page as ID” do..

    1)i added the widget on my HOME page, and pointed it on HOME page, then in the settings i didn’t find the home page in the list, so i used the BLOG.
    when i click subscribe it just reloads the home page and nothing happens!

    2) i placed the widget in the BLOG sidebr and pointed the “page as ID” to the BLOG page and inside settings to BLOG page as well… same thing happened, reloaded the BLOG page now but nothing happened.

    should it add the user to the public subscribers list?
    or send an email to the admin?
    or what exactly

    what am i doing wrong here??


    What should happen when you click Subscribe or Unsubscribe is that the page reloads but gives the user a message like “Confirmation email is on the way” and they should get an email with a confirmation link.

    Some caching plugins stop it working as they serve a cached page instead of the dynamic output.

    Thank you for the quick response.

    That is not happening!! it just reloads and no Confirmation appears!
    you say some caching plugins stop it from working, is there a way to trace the problem? or maybe deactivate all other plugins to see if there is a conflict..

    What do you suggest? and resolving steps i can take?



    Caching can be part of a plugin or a theme. To check for conflicts disable all other plugins and revert to a core WordPress theme and try again. If that works introduce your theme and try again and then each of your plugins, one at a time, until it breaks again.

    If reverting all of this fails to get things working it may be down to redirects in .htaccess or a poorly configured server.


    Reverting all of this failed
    I stoped all the plugins and reverted the theme too.

    Is there a thing i can do with the “htaccess”, is it a configuation thing?
    About a “poorly configured server”, do you suggest i contact server support? and what exactly should i ask them?

    Thank you

    Sometimes i get this message in the Admin

    subscribe2/subscribe2.php has been deactivated due to an error: The plugin does not have a valid header.


    How did you install the plugin?

    If you can access your site via FTP and check that there is a subscribe2 folder in wp-content/plugins/ and inside this folder there should be some files and folders called classes/, admin/, include, and tinymce/.

    If there is another subscribe2 folder there then the plugin is only layer too deep.

    If everything looks as it should erase all files via FTP and upload them from a freshly downloaded version of the plugin. Then go to the Settings page in the plugin and Reset the settings and try again.

    I did exactly as you said, but didn’t work, i’m frustrated..
    I’m using a goDaddy host, windows host.

    Note: if i add a New Registered Subscriber, an email get sent to the Admin email i’m using that a new Registered Subscriber is being added.
    My problem seems to be with the public Subscriber.

    I don’t know what is going on!

    I tried sending email from the “send email” section of the subscriber2 and it works, yet the subcribe widget is not working..

    I tried other plugins widgets one named subscribe2 widget and another called subscribe2 widget hack…all didn’t work

    the page just do a postback and nothing happens.


    Which widget are you trying to use? A standalone on or have you enabled the built in one?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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