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  • I get that developers want to update the plugin. I know there were problems with a recent core update..
    That being said: It’s Nice that the customizer will control title colors..
    BUT THE OTHER STUFF>> YUK! Title styles don’t match the styles of the rest of the site. The calendar list has weird, too small fonts. And with the new list layout, the featured images are just too big.
    Using this on many sites. But I’m looking for something else.. Too bad

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  • Thanks for your feedback @kerchmcc, and sorry you are unhappy with the new styling updates. I would be interested in hearing more of your thoughts and challenges you’ve faced using The Events Calendar.

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    Thanks for asking! If I’m going to grumble, I should be willing to say why!
    Most of my complaints are about the adjusted LIST view of the calendar. We never have enough events to warrant the calendar view.

    I appreciate that the update did not seem to restyle existing events.. making changes only to new additions.
    I appreciate the ability to make color changes in the Customizer. But styling much of the rest of the content has been challenging at best.

    I like that the date in the “sidebar” of the LIST shows the DAY of the week and the date.. I’d really like the day of the week to be part of the full date.

    The rest of the styling in the new version does not seem to match the styling of fonts, colors, and sizes of the existing site. If there is a customization for the colors, then there should also be for other stuff. Can’t the style of the plugin match the style of the site?

    In the old list version, it was much easier to distinguish between events, both individual ones and the months. I like the event title to be larger than the month title.

    I don’t like that the featured image on the list view or event view is now full width. I like using the featured image of a reasonable size in the list view. But for MY situation, I don’t want it to be full width.. pretty much ever.

    The event title on the old LIST page was much bigger. The entry included date, location and excerpt with the read more link.

    Once I FOUND the “Use updated calendar designs” box, I was happy to be able to set the whole bit back. It would be helpful if there were an admin nag that tells people where that button can be found.

    After all this, I think my main complaint is that the styles of events and lists do not match the rest of the site without work in the css.
    Again.. thanks for asking.

    Agree. The lack of capacity to style to fit the local site means this otherwise really useful plugin has become worthless.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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