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    I’m using the Genericons for my social icons on my website, but when I upgraded to the latest version, this is not appearing in the Genericon’s <i> tag:


    It’s overriding the style I set in my CSS – can you remove this? If now, can I? How?

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  • That style is only called by the shortcode, and will directly pick up whatever color the font is in the rest of the text. So you’re supposed to either use the color argument in the shortcode (example) or properly use css for the surrounding elements. There really wasn’t a great way to allow on the fly changes otherwise.

    Also that bit of code has been that way since version 1.2 so it’s not new and I suspect is not the cause of your headache…

    Try using the class ‘genericond’ in your css, as its more exact and won’t conflict with other themes and plugins that include Genericons.

    If that doesn’t help, what’s the actual code in your post, and what’s the CSS that isn’t working?

    You can see the previous plugin version on the live site:

    I just noticed the issue when I upgraded the plugin on my dev site.

    Checking the code on the live site, I see it doesn’t have the inherit attribute, for some reason – just “color: ;”. Which is weird.

    It is using the shortcode, and you can check out how I styled it.

    Ah. That is weird…

    1) Inherit is correct. It’s pulling it in from your .widget a code. The new version must have fixed a conflict you’ve got.

    2) Try this:

    div.textwidget a .genericond {
    color: #4F4F4F!important;

    And then since you’re only changing the hover, it’d be…

    div.textwidget a:hover .genericond.genericon-twitter {
    color: #000FFF!important;

    And so on. I don’t know why you have to force important and all that, I’d have to be a little more sober for that dig through your CSS.

    Thanks – I added !important tags to all the genericon color schemes instead of making it more complicated :).

    I’m guessing it was the Jetpack conflict fix.

    Anything’s possible 🙂 I hate the !important stuff, myself but it’s that or bribe my CSS master friends into helping me 😉

    So do I, usually, but it seemed easier than writing a whole bunch of extra CSS just to get around the color inherit.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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