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    I set up a website with blog posts publishing to the homepage . Now I want to create a static front page and have a separate tab for all my blog posts.

    I’ve set about creating the new static page and the page for blog posts (as per wordpress instructions on creating a static front page). However, now when I click on my new blog page ( I get the message, “Error in connecting to the database”.

    Can anyone advise me on what I need to change in order to start getting my posts links to change correctly so that they do connect?



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  • What did you do to set this up?

    Did you just create a page called blog and then go to settings > reading and selected that page as the blog page?

    Hi Aaron

    Yep – that’s what I did.

    Do you have an actual folder in your file system that is called /blog/ that might be another instance of wordpress?

    Try changing your page name or permalink for the blog page. That will test it.

    Yes, I have the folder /blog/

    I’ve tried changing the page name to ‘blog test’ for example, but nothing happens to the folder in the file system.

    You have to change the permalink or URL under the title also from /blog to something else.


    Or something besides blog. Or you can go rename that folder in your file system if you want to keep blog.

    Looking at my folder structure, it does appear that there are two instances of WordPress.

    There are two instances of wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes folders.

    What’s the fix if ‘having two instances of wordpress’ is the problem?

    Thanks, Charlie

    I would rename the BLOG folder to BLOG1 or just delete it if you dont need it.

    I renamed the folder to Blog1 and it now works.

    Thank you a thousand times, Aaron.

    Big smiles. :-]


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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