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  • Hello all.

    I’m just about to go live with a site i’ve built in wordpress – (please go to if this doesn’t work – the url should change any day) – I’d be interested to hear what you think about it and would like to thank the WP community for their help over the past few months in solving the issues i’ve encountered.

    One other question. The site doesn’t seem to run all that fast at certain times – anyone know a good way i can try to identify the problem? I have a php string in the head tag which relates the query times, which seem to be fine… not really sure what to check next or where.

    Another question – the entire content of the page seems to have to load before anything diplays – as it’s quite an image heavy site (and there is a 69kb flash file on the homepage) this can cause problems. Does anyone know whether this is a server side issue, or something that can be set in WP?

    Cheers all

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  • 2) Apears to be because you are not defining width and height for your images. This forces rendering to wait until all images are loaded because dimensions cannot be ‘reserved’.

    Cheers for the heads up Yosemite. I’ve updated that, on the homepage at least, and it seems to me to have done the trick.

    Hmmm, i thought this had been resolved but I’m still experiencing speed problems after all. the homepage in particular is slow to load and still only displays after everything has loaded.

    The deeper pages that seem to react slowly are those that have page lists displayed dynamically.

    Anyone any more good ideas I should try? I’m running WP 2.0. It could well be a server issue but if the WP community can help me clarify this I would be very grateful.


    Your site loaded in under ten seconds for me, with the healthy activity for kids ?flash image loading last.

    I use broadband ADSL.

    thanks for the reply katgirl

    this is what makes me suspicious that the problem lies with the server. often the site loads quickly, but often it doesn’t… there doesn’t seem to be a consistent pattern.

    can you tell me if you get any problems with loading times if you click into the focus sports links (on the left) and then into ‘performance sport’ or ‘recreational sport’? it would be great if you could try it for me on a couple of sports, particularly bobsleigh and basketball.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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