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  • Your header and nav seem one picel out to the left. The tiled background is quite garish – perhaps somethign subtle would work better.

    Change the font for the sidebar to match of the other text and I think you’re set to go.

    Nice job

    Thanks on your imput, The font thing was on my agenda to do so I did not submit it to Alex as I could not make any changes for a week which is understandable. I do not like the italics either.

    The pics are a joke, meant to be changed by user but I could fancy it up some.

    I do not see the 1 pixel though???

    you’re right about the 1pixel…those bloody spiderman heads are some sort of secret governmental optical hypnotising thing arent’ they?

    I did a couple quik changes for your eyes

    According to my server the spiderman theme is more popular than my sunset, if anyone has any thing that they need help with fell free to email me for help or tweaks

    sachmo_007[at]yahoo dot com

    Well I do not normally bump a thread, Spiderman which was done in minutes, actually bears my other two themes 6-1 by downloads so I am bumping it. Users feedback requested.

    I am on Firefox here. If I go to comments on spiderman the sidebar disappears. Is that the *design* ? 🙂


    Because the sidebar disapeers, maybe you want the post content to take up the entire page then? There’s an annoying column of white otherwise.

    @satoshi Thanks, I had it set up where the comments page was centered, I will have to re edit that. Since editing things on the fly I have developed a bad habit and that is not saving the css to my hard drive.

    You see the problem then ?

    You are so cryptic Root!!!! I have it somewhat altered now. ????? maybe close but no cigar

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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