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  • rvk2


    Hey everyone, this is a site I’m working on:

    It’s really just the original Turnout Mag theme for wordpress with a few changes to the header. I like how the posts are grouped into boxes. The boxes show thumbnails of images used in the post, but not for videos. I’m trying to find a solution to that.

    I think it looks fine, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar theme that shows the latest post on top of all the boxes and the older posts in boxes below that.

    Any suggestions for improvements?

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  • gisdude


    I like Turnout Mag theme.

    Your sight is pretty tight, organized, and follows a good progression of thought.

    Content is profound and meaningful – but keeping it light! Damn good topics!



    Nice layout, catching content, well done.

    Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments. I am in accord with the surrealists, searching for the marvelous. – Anais Nin

    Guys can someone help me out? I cant seem to get the thumbnails to display, which is weird, seeing how this theme seems to have such a simple way of picking thumbnails. You just choose “upload” in the new post area. But even though the thumbnails are shown in my “new post” page in teh admin area, they dont show on the homepage.

    if anyone knows anything… would be greatly appreciated.


    please post the link of your site so that i can give you a more targeted reply,

    in general, most themes has a “custom field” option in the “create new post” page. when you upload the thumbnail image you need to put the link of the image in the custom field.

    For example: custom field name – “thumbnail”
    custom field value – “”

    then the theme connects the thumbnail to the homepage… but that depends on which theme you are using. So, post more details like the link to the theme’s homepage and your own blog… and will find out how your theme works the thumbnails…


    Hi Healthvotes,

    Thanks for your reply. The url is:

    I am quite used to themes that add images to posts in the way you mention. With custom fields. This theme (“Turnout”) however is different.

    When I go to “Posts” in teh control panel and then to “Add new” and create a post, I get the option to upload a thumbnail right there.

    See this screenshot:

    When I do that, the thumbnail seems to show up fine in the area that I am in (where I am writing a new post).

    However, when I click “update post” and publish my post, no thumbnail shows up on my homepage.

    So, if anyone knows a solution that would be great 🙂

    greetings jevde

    i checked the source codes of both rvk2 and yours and looks like the thumbnails in your homepage are not there, here are a few things to do,

    1) delete the theme using ftp and re-upload it fresh. but that will also, perhaps, remove some of the customizations that you have done on the theme so far. Make sure to back it up before you delete it.

    2) use the image link option and see if that works (i mean, use the url option rather than uploading the thumgnail), also i think the thumbnail images must be 150 * 150 pixcels…

    3) check through ftp that the images are there in the upload folder or not…

    let us know when you have done it.

    Deleted the theme, Reinstalled. But that didn’t help.

    tried to use the url option (already had tried this) but that didn’t work and also the 50×150 pixels sadly didn’t turn out to be the solution either.

    Maybe something with filerights?

    no idea

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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