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  • Hello,

    Very new to WordPress, and hoping that someone can help…

    My current site is a HTML site with a normal index.html as the home page. I am now building a new site in WordPress and wanted to get some advice on what to do when I launch the new site.

    I am currently building my new WordPress site in a folder called: http://www.mydomain/new.

    When I have finished it, do I have to move all of the files from http://www.mydomain/new to http://www.mydomain/ (this is where my current HTML files reside), or can I just do some form of re-direct and leave them in the /new folder?

    Second part of my question is: if I leave the WordPress in place (/new folder) and use the re-direct option, will this effect my SEO with Google?

    Many thanks for any advice,

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    Hi there, you can leave your new site in that folder and edit the .htaccess file, see
    For the old html files: For best SEO, you can leave those in place, but remove the index.html page, or it always gos to that page.
    Then add new text to each page, on top , to link to your new pages… this way you keep your SEO intact, there are many, many links to your pages on google and other websites, if you delete the old pages this will all be lost.
    Another idea I used was to create one new html page with a nice writeup and link to the new site, save it. Then copy that text (and images) into each old page but keep the old page names. Re-upload. This way anyone getting to any of your old pages always gets a nice message to visit the new site and you keep all your hard earned SEO intact.
    Believe it of not, I have some 20 year old pages still getting hits on old websites that I now don’t even use.. but still get visitors 🙂


    Many thanks for your posts.

    So as I understand, as regards placement of WordPress files, as long as I make that WordPress folder the root directory, there will be no detrimental impact to SEO – that’s great.

    As regards SEO;

    1. If I use 301 redirects, the SEO will remain intact, but if I have made the new WordPress version of the pages more SEO friendly than the original HTML version, what does Google use for future ranking, the old HTML version of the page, the new WordPress version of the page or a combination of both?

    2. Once I make the changes to the root directory and include the 301 redirects, what shows in Google organic search to the user? Is it the link/excerpt from the old HTML version of the page, or the link/excerpt from the new WordPress version?

    3. Hartmutnz – regarding your point about leaving old pages in place and posting a message to tell the user to visit the new site: what would happen if I just used some sort of redirect script on these old pages? Is this acceptable to search engines, or would they deem this to be some form of gateway style page and ban me?

    Many thanks for your help & advice,

    Hi, I think Google robots would use and show any of the pages that are still on the server.
    My idea to use the old pages and place a Link to new pages is only a TEMPORARY solution, and mostly for people that don’t know much about .htaccess files configurations etc.. then it still gives you some traffic until the new website is fully functional and all SEO is done most optimal. Then I would eventually delete the “old” html files.
    Its a “low tech” solution for beginners.
    To redirect them “server side” would remove the SEO as they are not actually searched, I think. You see when the old page is still there, the robots get it, and you get your SEO.. then at the same time it gets the NEW links to your New wordpress site and crawl them too..
    Hope that helps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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