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    I need to explain the background before you can ‘hopefully’ offer me some advise…

    I have been working on a site for the last 6 weeks on a sub-domain e.g while his live site is running at

    Anyway, it’s all up and running and working perfectly and when it comes to switching the site live, I moved the live site into a ‘backup’ folder and used softaculous to clone the newsite into . It needed a minor tweek and the theme settings updating but basically, it worked and was operational.

    Here is the rub and where i think my problem started. Due to my server running dso php, I need to configure FTP settings in wp-config. The FTP account in wp-config of the now live site was identical to that in newsite …. BOTH we pointing to files in ‘newsite’. This meant, than any plugin updates, installed, activations etc were being done in the wrong plugin directory.

    The site is fine from the front end and working no problem BUT now when I try and update woocommerce, it bums out and I get a white screen in admin. The front end works fine but the back end is inaccessible. Only way to get it back is to restore the woocommerce plugin folder from backup archive.

    1. I have tried removing woocommerce plugin folder and manually uploading new one (fail)
    2. I have tried updating through normal admin (fail)
    3. I have tried removing entire plugin folder and restoring whole plugin folder from previous day via backup archival system (fail)

    Somehow, since moving the development site to web root to set site live, I have a discrepancy between my site files and database. It’s causing this issue. I think my cloning of the site via softaculous has caused a problem (but the site is running ok from front end)

    any tips or suggestions to fix this so i can update the plugins.

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    UPDATE: Fixed my own issue

    Just in case anyone else has this problem, it was a relatively easy fix. For some reason the plugins became corrupted after moving my site to live stage, and updating woocommerce in particular broke the site with classic white screen.

    The fix was to disable ALL plugins. I renamed plugins folder to plugins.bak which allowed me to regain access to wp-admin. Then, i simply re-installed each of the plugins one by one which restored all data and functionality to the site.

    Not quite sure what broke the site through the cloning process as normally it’s OK, but nevertheless, it was relatively easy to fix after trying various other things first.

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