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  • Started my Photoblog about 2 weeks ago. My goal is to do a Photo-A-Day…I moved from to a WP site today. I was looking for a better platform/technology/toolset/etc…..i found it..

    Tell me what you think and check it out My Blog

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  • I cannot read it. The bg is too dark for the font color 🙁

    I agree, very hard to read. Your sidebar seems to overlap part of the dates.

    needed to ctrl+a to read it… put in some more contrast, that should do the trick!

    I really like your site..

    where did you get the template and how do you change the top part to put an image in there???

    do you take pictures of lots of things.. as maybe you have a phot I could use for my header? let me know please

    I used a theme called “stuttering” by nathaniel stern. You can link to it from my site. His link is at the bottom of my right hand side bar. The image is part of the template, but he provides instructions on how to change it — i will be doing that next.

    Yes I do take lots of photos visit my site here

    the background is too dark? What background? the sidebar, the banner, or the main body?

    What dates are being overlapped by the sidebar? There is only 1 date in the post title header.

    What browser/OS are you using? What screen resolution?

    Thanks for the input

    The text needs a brighter color.

    The color of the text (#333333) makes it impossible to read agains the background (#663333)

    In Firefox, using a resolution of 1600×1200 the dates for the first 2 entries are overlapped by the sidebar which is actually in the middle of the page. I have a screenshot I was going to send you but couldn’t find any contact information on your new webiste or at pbase…

    Well, the dark text on the maroon BG is hard to read. The page is not centered to the header which is um, odd. The date on the top post is overlapped by the side bar….

    This is in Firefox.

    I guess I will have to download Firefox and work the theme!!!

    Thanks for the screen shots…

    The site does display correctly in IE though….

    FIXED!!! It turned out to be something really stupid. I used the wrong comment delimeters in the css file. DAH! I used the <!– rather than /*. It should be good in Firefox now. Please check and let me know. Thanks to all of the input.

    That looks good.

    Thanks. It is a learning process.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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