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  • Okay, here’s some feedback. I don’t like the background – it hurts my eyes. I don’t like the “Previews entries” link at the bottom, it’s blue! I don’t like the Google Custom Search logo, it doesn’t fit in there. The rest is okay, keep working!

    ~ kovshenin

    Thank you very much, I’m new at this I need all the feedback I can get.

    Good job on being active with getting content into your blog. But his site has too many things going on. I know right now bright colors are popular in urban culture. Get rid of brown, it’s such a bad color for a background. Make the text bigger and keep it the same color in the blog entries, it looks very childish right now.





    whats with the text colors that you want people to read? and changing even! can you read that? if it were not your site, would you bother? I wouldnt. I didnt.

    For most sites, the purpose of having a site up is so that people will read the content. It’s impossible to read the content on your site because there is just too much going on visually.

    I recommend you change the background colour and the colours of the sidebars. And make sure your text is one colour and easily readable.

    It’s not that bad … I can think of a site, that’s worse:

    Sorry, but the colors, the chaos … it just makes me not want to read your site.
    You could be giving away millions of dollars and nobody would claim it since nobody could actually READ about the give-away.

    start over, harsh maybe, but jeeeez the colours, the font size (is that bolded?) impossible to read and not a good first impression and that’s all you get to make on the web

    Wow pretty harsh comments. I’m definitely not going to start over as someone suggested however we are thinking about changing the back ground to something custom instead of the templete I found. However thanks for the feed back.

    mores – you should be spanked for putting that horrible link for aug in…talk about shocking…

    and urban? please please think about why people have said what they said…this ‘I can do it myself’ is getting out of hand…

    think of your website as your front door…want people to run away? theres a way to mix exciting and welcoming at the same time…

    I’m inclined to agree with the comments here, too bright too hard to read. I don’t mind the header, you might have something there looking quite urban but the rest doesn’t fit in.

    mores – I quite liked 😀

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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