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  • For ages now I’ve been using pre-made wordpress themes due to college and work. However, I thought it was about time I got back into web design, as its something that I would like to go into after college maybe.

    Laudo – The Latin For Quotes

    This is the first site that I’ve coded myself in over a year at least. I know its nothing magic, but I’m pretty happy with the result. And its the first time in AGES since I converted a layout to work for wordpress, so I’m expecting some errors along the way.

    Just a warning, the site is a collection of quotes which I like / find funny, some of them contain a some swearing, so may not be suitable for some people.

    Just wondering if anyone could comment on the following WordPress Site Reviews and put them towards my site?

    I am sorting out the links at the moment, but apart from that I believe its all done (Unless anyone notices any errors).

    Thanks 🙂

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  • It’s quite simple indeed, but simple is not always bad. The color scheme is nice, but a sidebar might be a nice addition as it doesn’t have to be anything to complex but brings something more to the layout (to me anyways) where it’s not just a long page. All in all though not bad for the first in a year, never have made one myself so I have to give you props on that part alone…

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    Kier- I think the site looks nice but I would like to see margins rather than having the type come so close to the edges. Also I would put the ads somewhere else as it interferes with your clean look as your eye goes there first.

    Hey Billy can you tell me what function you applied in recent comments. Can you send me code ?


    What function would you be referring too?

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