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  • Hi all,

    I’d like to share with you a new WordPress site that have a built for a friend.

    Isabella’s Walk

    The site that is to promote his walk across Canada in an effort to help raise money to conquer cancer.

    The site features a Google map that will track his posts as he walks across Canada (beginning in June).

    Thanks for checking it out.

    ps. designwise we kept to a simple child theme of TwentyTwelve in order due to simplicity. However there are some neat additions like the full screen Google map as the background (that will have his check-in points once he starts the walk).

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Your map really eats up bandwidth, does it necessarily need to be there? Can you just use a static background image as a map?

    Good point, I’ll look into that possibility.




    Sections separated by bullets:

    • Yes! A smaller Google Map, maybe just below the header section or on that page you have already. Make it static with pin at start and end locations and a dashed wavy line between the two, or footsteps b/t the two. Then some text on it which says, Click here to see the dynamic map, or Click here for the tracking map, etc.

    Here’s the link for Google’s static map documentation:

    • Change background image to match your message and doesn’t steal attention from the content, subtle. Look for free seamless patterns. Small image you can upload and just repeat. Here’s a link: Here’s another link:

    Home page
    A picture of yourself wearing a backpack with a mountain range behind you, whatever the terrain is, and another showing you cooking something on a camp stove, get the idea. Text is fine as description, pictures draw reader in. Use captions, where necessary, if image doesn’t tie in with the surrounding text.

    The page is about the walk and you have a call to action, bolded text at the bottom, but I need to scroll to the top to click on Donate in the navigation. How about making a button to place down there with a color that makes me want to donate. Have that link to a new window to that Donate page. No more scrolling up and you get them when they have the emotions. People buy/donate because of emotions stirred. Here’s a link to make a button online and grab a picture of it:

    • Donate link in navigation should open in a new window. If you’re using Menus support in the new WordPress you’ll see Link Attributes or something similar in Screen Options at the top that you can open and check off, then you’ll be able to check off “Open link in new window.” Every time your site points to another domain, it should open in a new window.

    • Hide Blog from the navigation if you’re not going to show any posts there and hide it until you have something to show in there. Otherwise when you have something new there later and people have learned already that it is empty, they won’t naturally want to look there. It’s all about psychology and guiding their eyes.

    Instead of Follow the Walk link for Twitter page, you should indicate the link is going to Twitter. “Follow the Walk on Twitter.” Embed the Twitter widget, it works if you use * (if needed) Here’s the link:

    • Facebook Activity link, this is redundant. You already have a link in the embedded widget to your Facebook Page.

    Hope this is helpful!
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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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